In the year 2000, a group of computer scientists came together in Sydney, Australia with a single idea: How to process large volumes of data at ridiculous speeds. Their collaboration lead to the creation of a powerful platform for unstructured data processing: the Nuix Engine.

The Nuix Engine was so powerful it soon attracted the attention of large government agencies in Australia and throughout the world. They used Nuix for digital forensic investigations into large email and document sets. In the years that followed, Nuix expanded its solutions by applying the Engine to solve problems for new customers, industries, and areas of expertise.

Today Nuix is proud to work with more than 1,800 customers in over 70 countries. Our customers include powerful institutions: major financial regulators, law enforcement agencies, global corporations, intelligence agencies, the United Nations, and all leading advisory firms and litigation support vendors.

We have more than 400 employees worldwide and a network of partners across 60 countries. Our team includes global industry experts and experienced practitioners in cybersecurity, law enforcement, digital forensics, investigation, legal discovery, intelligence, counterintelligence, and information governance.


Voice recordings need to be considered alongside emails, text messages, documents, and many other sources. How can you hear what they have to say without having to spend unprofitable time transcribing them? Nuix quickly turns recorded speech into searchable text.


Audio and video recordings of speech—voicemail, phone recording systems, smartphones, digital note takers, and police body cameras—are an instrumental evidence source in compliance, litigation, and investigations.

But turning voice into searchable text and metadata has always been a compromise. Automated voice recognition systems lacked the accuracy for reliable searching, leaving the only option to manually transcribe the recordings at a snail’s pace. Despite the huge volume of potential evidence, investigators could only ever hope to listen to a fraction of it.


Nuix has partnered with Voci, the world leader in automated speech transcription, to quickly convert recordings into usable data. Voci’s speech-to-text technology breaks voice recordings into words, language, dialect, emotion, and speaker, providing searchable text as well as a wealth of metadata.

A single Nuix Voice appliance can convert more than 100 hours of recorded audio or video to text in just one hour of clock time. That means you can work through hours of archived recordings and voicemails in minutes, and monitor conversations in real time.


Using Nuix Voice for audio transcription allows you to:

  • Turn voice recordings into accurate and fully punctuated transcripts for analysis, search, and additional downstream processing—in real time or faster
  • Search and analyze voice recordings alongside emails, text messages, documents, chats, and many other sources in a single platform
  • Deliver audio search capabilities wherever they’re needed in your organization without the time-consuming and cost-prohibitive need for transcription.



The traditional forensic approach to investigation is not only time consuming and resource intensive but also delivers incomplete results that make it hard to find answers. Nuix gives you a better way.


In the traditional approach to internal investigations, organizations must either recruit and train staff members to use digital forensic tools or outsource data collection, processing, and analysis to external providers. Neither approach gets you the answers you need quickly or cost effectively.

Forensic tools, designed for law enforcement, are overwhelmed by the volume of data the comes with multiple office locations and remote workers, complex enterprise data stores, and the proliferation of cloud and mobile device data sources. What’s worse, they make it impossible to trace the labyrinthine connections of human activity hidden among all these sources.


Nuix software rapidly interrogates the industry’s widest variety of enterprise data sources, including email, file shares, enterprise content systems, archives, cloud storage services and applications, and mobile devices. With this capability, you can:

  • Collect, process, and search terabytes of human-generated data, reaching into the most complex and hard-to-access corporate data stores
  • Automatically discover communication patterns and other hidden connections between people, objects, locations, and events
  • Collaboratively investigate and review the results to get the answers you need quickly and comprehensively.


The Nuix platform minimizes the business disruption and cost of internal investigations. Using Nuix, you can:

  • Make sure the right people get to see the data that matters to them, rapidly gaining a clear and comprehensive understanding of every matter at hand and the business risks involved
  • Apply automated workflows and machine-learning intelligence to reduce the training required to conduct efficient, repeatable, and defensible examinations
  • Use a single platform to collaboratively investigate employee misconduct, fraud, corruption, data breaches, and intellectual property theft, and respond to regulatory enquiries, legal discovery, and subject access requests.



Bringing context to data is critical to making informed decisions. Nuix’s intelligence analysis platform enables you to understand more information, from more sources, faster. It combines the widest variety of historical evidence with real-time data and an intuitive interface.


The old saying goes, “Making predictions is hard, especially about the future.” But intelligence analysts must make these predictions every day, through a combination of science, art, and intuition.

The proliferation of data generated and stored about every person could make intelligence analysis easier, if only it were possible to discard the noise and bring context to the facts that matter. This insight requires three essential elements:

  • Access to the broadest possible range of historical data on the question at hand
  • Real-time and near-real-time feeds of information on current activity
  • A framework for connecting and contextualizing all the information to focus on the key facts.


Nuix’s unique software delivers these three capabilities like no other technology. The Nuix Engine pulls in historical evidence from an unparalleled variety of sources, including email, mobile devices, cloud services, enterprise storage, and digital forensic data. You can incorporate live and near-real-time information from endpoints, network activity, social media, and threat and intelligence feeds.

And an easy-to-use interface brings all the data together, correlating people, objects, locations, and events. It applies advanced graph database and machine learning technologies to cull, connect, and contextualize key facts among disparate data sources. We’ve incorporated, and continue to add, the real-world field experience of our experts in cybersecurity, digital forensics, law enforcement, and counterintelligence.


Using the Nuix platform for intelligence analysis means you can:

  • Understand and contextualize more information, from more sources, to make well-supported predictions
  • Leverage the built-in knowledge and experience of our experts to streamline your work
  • Reduce the burden of training analysts by implementing technologies that are easy to use, even for relative beginners.



With financial crime, structured data analytics can only alert you to anomalous activity. Nuix software traces human-generated data and communications, providing the insight and context you need to chase down company culprits.


Fraud, bribery, and corruption are splashed across the news headlines almost every day. You need effective systems to detect and prevent financial crime and to investigate, seriously and proportionately, all reports of illegal activities.

Transaction monitoring and big data analytics are vital for detecting suspicious activity. But they tell only half the story. Gaining a complete picture requires rapid, in-depth insights into human-generated data and communications across the enterprise.


Nuix brings data to life with clarity and intelligence so investigators can address financial crime head on. Using our software, you can:

  • Collect, process, search, and analyze terabytes of human-generated data, reaching into the most complex and hard-to-access data stores
  • Automatically discover communication patterns and other hidden connections among people, objects, locations, and events
  • Comprehensively monitor user activity at the endpoint to draw the line between suspicion and proof.


Our platform delivers a contextualized understanding of the risks of financial crime in your organization, giving you a far more complete picture than structured-data analytics alone. With Nuix, you can:

  • Bring critical facts to the surface faster by automatically identifying and classifying risk indicators in human-generated data
  • Develop and nurture a culture that proactively minimizes the opportunities for fraud, bribery, and corruption
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory fines, reputational damage, and criminal sanctions against senior executives.

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