parabenParaben provides solutions. We specialize in digital forensics, risk assessment, and security, but we love technology. Our platforms data processing engines are renowned for the details we can pull from computers, email, mobile device, smartphones, and IoT devices. Paraben’s technology has been around since 1999 and we have always innovated. Paraben’s E3 Platform was the first tool with a unified interface to deal with all types of digital data. Paraben offers solutions that build new capabilities into digital investigations. Paraben’s workflow optimizes team efforts and ensures the best data production.


We provide procure high-quality Digital Forensic Software at a budget-friendly price. When it comes to digital evidence there are no boundaries when it comes to E3:Universal. You can process file system/hard drive data, smartphone/mobile data, and IoT data.

The ability to have one unified interface and control allows you to process data both efficiently and consistently. Save time by not switching back and forth between tools and unify your data.

What can E3 do for my investigation?

E3 is designed to make your processing as effective and efficient as possible. It has x64 bit engines for all of it’s data processing which means you are working swiftly through the information. You have comprehensive support so if you have a computer and smartphone to process, you can do them together! We have your back, full 24×7 support, extensive documentation, and operator level certification included. We know what you need to get up and running.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Flexible options for licenses from perpetual to SaaS we have an option that will work for you.
  • Variety of support from computers, email, internet data, smartphones, and IoT
  • Serious searching-full text indexing, over 150 languages supported, and OCR for images
  • You are supported with full access to the Paraben team for your questions, service, and training.

User Friendly

You can get started right away. E3:Universal is easy to follow and comes with training and certification for both computer data and mobile data. You get everything you need with your purchase.

Validation Guarantee

Using more than one tool is NOT OPTIONAL! Cross validation is part of the forensic process. We know that and build in mechanisms to make that easy for you with our Case Compare functionality and Validation Training Course.

Mind-blowing Reports

Knock their socks off and close your case with a great report. From CSV, XML, HTML, PDF, and so much more, you are covered. Some reports also are available in a variety of localized languages

Are you missing data with your tools?

Many times, we get stuck in a routine and forget that change is part of innovating. Are you sure you are getting everything out of your data? Does your tool give you the options to find the hidden pieces of data that can make your case?

E3 is designed to guide you to all the areas you need to check for data with our customer Content Analysis wizard you get to pick and pull the data to fit your needs.

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