Acustek‘s vision is to create a range of technologies, providing a full suite of hardware and software surveillance and identification products which can be available across Security, Police, Forensic, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies. We provide unique devices with bespoke specialist functions. Provider of Technical Security Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and Through Wall Tactical Equipment.

1. Unique Covert & non covert fully autonomous Data Capture Equipment, such as Store & Forward Audio Video over LTE and Wifi.

2. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures TSCM Equipment.

3. Through Wall Solutions for rapid tactical intelligence through doors and walls.

4. Audio Forensic Expert Analysis.

TSU/TSCM SOLUTIONS Non Linear Junction Detectors-Developed for TSCM, Prison Authorities and EOD. See and hear Through Walls-Specialist devices for tactical surveillance during operations. RF Detection-Unique range of options for detection of wanted and unwanted radio frequencies. Unique range of specialist Audio and Audio/Video data gathering. Bespoke range or customisation at customer request.