Atos’ history spans a century, from Fredrik Rosing Bull first creating the tabulating machine to Europe’s number one digital services provider.

Every day our 110,000 people in 73 countries are developing and implementing innovative digital solutions that support the business transformation of clients and address the environmental and social challenges we all face.

Atos is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic & Paralympic Games and operates under the brands Atos, Atos Syntel, and Unify. Atos is a SE (Societas Europaea), listed on the CAC40 Paris stock index.

End-to-End cybersecurity services and solutions

In the digital world, you need a seamless security strategy – and one which evolves continually in the face of changing digital opportunities and threats. From initial consultancy and analysis, through to implementation and ongoing management, we’re with you every step of the way.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our GDPR services are complemented by an extensive portfolio of associated cybersecurity solutions, designed to maximize protection of all client data assets.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Analyse risks, audit cyber defenses and set up bullet-proof cybersecurity and compliance policies

Identity & Access Management

Empower employees, partners and customers with Evidian, the European leader in IAM software


Cyber security Internet of things

Internet of Things Security

From connected devices to the cloud, securely leverage the $11 trillion IoT opportunity


Managed Security Services

Rely on a worldwide network of SOCs and CSIRT teams for real time and prescriptive security intelligence


Cyber security data protection

Protected Business Critical Applications

Set-up a secure digital fortress for your business critical data with Application Resource Islands

High Performance Computing

Combining the resources and flexibility of different computing universes, Hybrid Computing enables organizations to take full advantage of both on-premises and cloud solutions to harness the full power of supercomputing,
for the widest possible spectrum of applications.
BullSequana XH2000 and its value added software ecosystem, businesses and organizations of all sizes and in all sectors will be able to run any type of workload, anywhere – now and tomorrow.

BullSequana X supercomputers

Beyond pure performance, supercomputers must not just leverage the latest technologies, but also perfectly meet the needs of applications and users. Atos has designed the Bull ranges of HPC servers to provide maximum flexibility in terms of interconnect, processor type, power, and cooling, and cover the widest possible spectrum of applications. Bull supercomputers offer an infinitely adaptable response, from departmental HPC clusters to world-class supercomputers.

Tackling the world’s largest problems

Generating finer-grained weather forecasts, designing cleaner aircraft engines, leveraging genomic s to implement personalized medicine… all of these innovations require the computing power of supercomputers. Atos is committed to developping the innovative HPC systems and solutions needed to solve the major challenges of the 21st century.

Beyond Bull system design and delivery, Atos addresses all HPC needs with a wide range of complementary services and solutions around HPC, such as Bull extreme factory HPC-as-a-service solutions, Bull extreme data offers, and the mobull Data Center in a mobile container.


Lack of resources or expertise means many companies and organizations do not have access to an HPC infrastructure. Bull Extreme Factory is a set of Cloud services combined with HPC expertise that helps these organizations implement their computer simulation applications. Born out of Atos’s unique experience in HPC, Bull Extreme Factory gives businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, access to made-to-measure supercomputing resources.

HPC in action

HPC is everywhere, in our medicines, our investments, our cellphones, in the films we go to see at the cinema and the equipment of our favorite athletes, the cars we drive and the petrol that they run on. It makes our world a safer place, with ever more accurate and precise weather, climate and seismic forecasts. All sectors, in industry and in the academic and scientific community, rely on HPC. Discover how YOUR sector can benefit from HPC.

Mobull, your data center in a container

Mobull is an ingenious containerized data center solution that provides companies with as much computing power as they need to innovate, be more competitive and reduce costs. With its combined advantages of high density, low energy consumption and ease of installation, mobull makes it possible for companies to fast-track the implementation of the best solutions available for computer simulation, for data processing and for storage.

Bull extreme data products

With ever increasing volumes of data created by new sources of information in our connected world, managing Petabytes of data has proven to be a real challenge. Leveraging our long-standing and successful experience in implementing massive data management solutions based on multiple technologies, Atos now proposes not only tailored solutions, but also Bull Director for HPSS, the first component of a range of Bull software dedicated to storage for high performance computing

HPC professional services

Our HPC service teams offer a complete portfolio of professional services, with the required competence and experience to support the design, installation, operation, management, and continuous improvement of HPC infrastructures.

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