Carbon Black is Transforming Security Through Big Data and Analytics in the Cloud

Growing trends in mobility and cloud have made the endpoint the new perimeter. New and emerging attacks are beating traditional defenses, and security teams are too reactive and held back by their technologies.

Carbon Black is leveraging the power of big data and analytics to solve the challenges surrounding endpoint security. With the Cb Predictive Security Cloud platform, we are transforming cybersecurity to deliver a new generation of cloud-delivered security solutions designed to protect against the most advanced threats.

Better Protection Through Predictive Security

Simplify Security Operations

Up and running in just minutes, the Cb Predictive Security Cloud’s agent is lightweight, always up-to-date, and aided by built-in operations tools and 24×7 eyes-on-glass support by expert threat hunters to ensure security operations teams can best prioritize their actions.

Predict and Prevent Unknown Attacks

The attacks of tomorrow are the ones that hurt the most. That’s why the Cb Predictive Security Cloud leverages predictive technologies built upon streaming analytics and unfiltered data collection to provide better protection from both known and unknown attacks.

Simplify Security Operations

Up and running in just minutes, the Cb Predictive Security Cloud’s agent is lightweight, always up-to-date, and aided by built-in operations tools and 24×7 eyes-on-glass support by expert threat hunters to ensure security operations teams can best prioritize their actions.

Unify Defenses like Never Before

Attackers rely on siloed defenses to win. The Cb Predictive Security Cloud supports an open API framework and active developer community to make its data easily accessible for the entire security stack to use, unifying each layer and crippling the attackers’ edge.
Better Endpoint Security & Simplified Operations

 Carbon Black Response

Detect and Respond Faster

Attackers are innovating at a terrifying pace.

It’s impossible to know and protect against all bad behaviour in advance. With 93% of breaches taking minutes or less to compromise the system. Detection and response speed is paramount. Most Security Operations Centers (SOCs) do not have the comprehensive visibility necessary to quickly make informed decisions.

Anything that provides less than 100% visibility is a wasted investment. It results in blind spots that prevent root cause identification and stops IR from preventing future attacks.

Other endpoint detection and response products promise speed of search, but have visibility gaps, which means you’re searching incomplete data. Only Cb Response provides the complete visibility, fast analysis and remote remediation toolset that enables the fastest possible end-to-end incident response.

 Carbon Black Protection

The Most Unbreakable Security for Critical Systems

Security experts including the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, Gartner and NIST all agree – application control is the best security strategy for critical systems. Cb Protection is the most proven, widely deployed and easiest to manage application control solution available today. It enables organizations to establish automated software controls and protection policies that completely lockdown corporate assets, intellectual property and regulated data.

Cb Protection is the strongest security possible for data centers and critical systems allowing server admins to consolidate agents. Using a ‘Default Deny’ approach, Cb Protection reduces your attack surface and reduces downtime by automating approval of trusted software and eliminating the burden of whitelist management.

 Carbon Black Defense

Replace your antivirus (AV) with the most powerful next-generation antivirus (NGAV)

53% of breaches today are caused by non-malware attacks. This means attackers are bypassing traditional and machine-learning AV, which are only designed to stop malware-based threats. As a result, the most dangerous attacks are those that use native software and applications to achieve their malicious ends.

We need a new approach. Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) is designed to protect against all types of attacks. To do so it must adhere to three fundamental properties:

  1. NGAV must use a prevention model that stops both malware and non-malware attacks to critically reduce the available attack surface.
  2. NGAV must incorporate detection and response capabilities to isolate and remediate attacks and malicious activities.
  3. NGAV must use a single agent, via one console, which is easily delivered from the cloud without disrupting the end user.

 Cb Defense on the PSC

Next-Generation Antivirus + Endpoint Detection andNext-Generation Antivirus + Endpoint Detection andResponse

Cb Defense is an industry-leading, cloud-delivered endpoint security solution that combines next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities into a light weight solution that is fast to deploy and easy to manage. Built on the Cb Predictive SecurityCloud™ (PSC) platform, Cb Defense also supports a variety of powerful endpoint security servicesthrough a single agent and unified console.

 CB Protection

Application Control and Critical InfrastructureApplication Control and Critical InfrastructureProtection

Cb Protection is an industry-leading application control product, used to lock down servers andcritical systems, prevent unwanted changes, and ensure continuous compliance with regulatory mandates. Leveraging cloud reputation services, IT-based trust policies and multiple sources of threat intelligence from the Cb Predictive Security Cloud™ (PSC), Cb Protection ensures that only trusted and approved software is allowed to execute on an organization’s critical systems and end points. Cb Protection achieved a Security Effectiveness rating of 100.0% in an independent test conducted by NSS Labs in 2017.

 Cb Response

Industry-Leading Incident Response and Threat Hunting

Cb Response is an industry-leading incident response and threat hunting solution designed for security operations center (SOC) teams. Cb Response continuously records and captures unfiltered endpoint data, so that security professionals can hunt threats in real time andvisualize the complete attack kill chain. It leverages the Cb Predictive Security Cloud’s aggregated threat intelligence, continuously comparing intel to current and historical end point activity, exposing undetected threats.

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