The security revolution is here and CerbAir is leading the charge with the ultimate anti-drone solution. Pushing aside antiquated ideas on aerial defense, our dedicated team of experts is in a relentless pursuit to make the sky safe for all. Rethink your airspace security and trust us to defend your sensitive site or event from any kind of drone intrusion.

Our Anti-Drone Solutions – Take Control Of Your Airspace Security Once And For All

Our Radiofrequency Technology Is at the Heart of All Our Solutions, Allowing You To:

01.  Detect

Our radiofrequency technology is passive, causing no interference to surrounding networks. It works by detecting the communication between a drone and its remote control. Depending on your needs, secondary technologies, such as EO/IR, radar, etc. may be added

02.  Characterize

Our proprietary algorithms locate the drone and its pilot and can identify an intruding drone’s make and model in real time. Our dedicated user interface gives you the facts you need to counter a threat efficiently

03.  Neutralize*

Stop drones instantly with electronic countermeasures* or trigger relevant security procedures to protect your sensitive site

* The purchase or usage of jamming technologies only applies to public order, national defense and security needs or public law enforcement in accordance with local regulations

Hydra – Our Proprietary Radiofrequency Technology

Offering excellent precision and performance capabilities, Hydra is at the heart of our anti-drone solutions. Easy to use, secondary technologies such as infra-red cameras or radar, may be added depending on security needs. It forms the foundation of a reliable drone detection set-up.

Why Use Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is the most cost-efficient method of drone detection on the market today. Since the physical or electronic interception of a drone can be complex, radiofrequency is the only detection technology that allows you to locate the pilot and neutralize the threat at its source by directing Law Enforcement to the offender’s position.

Discover Our 4 Anti-drone Solutions:

Drones Pose Four Main Threats to a Completely Unprepared Security Industry


Drones are the ultimate weapon for terrorist groups and vandals looking to cause maximum damage from a distance and at a low price. These small devices can transport grenades and other small weapons, as well as dangerous chemical substances. They represent a serious threat to the population, but also for Law Enforcement.



Drones can easily fly into restricted airspace and threaten the security of sensitive sites. With some drones weighing over 10kg (22lbs), they pose a serious struck-by hazard to passers-by on the ground or to aircraft. The risk of a drone losing control due to bad weather, bad piloting or even loss of battery is high.


Consumer drones are available for purchase online or in stores at affordable prices and are easy to operate. Criminals have adapted them to smuggle contraband into hard to reach areas, such as prisons, ports or across borders. Depending on the drone model, the maximum payload weight can vary from several hundred grams to several kilograms.



Sensitive sites are at risk of an airborne cyberattack as small drones are capable of carrying nano computers and routers. This means that sensitive information can be stolen without any security alert being triggered. Sightings of Peeping Tom drones have soared and some criminals have even used the devices to scope out properties before breaking in.