endaceEndace started as a New Zealand University research project in 2001 when we developed the DAG™ Data Capture Card. which quickly redefined the packet capture market, and gained a reputation as the gold standard for accurate, reliable packet capture.

Fifteen years on, we continue to set the benchmark for 100% accurate packet-capture, Network Recording and Playback™ at high speed.

Our network recording and visibility solutions are used by some of the world’s biggest companies to monitor some of the fastest, most powerful networks on the planet.

EndaceProbe Analytics Platform

EndaceProbes™ provide 100% accurate, continuous packet capture, while simultaneously hosting a wide range of commercial and open-source network security and performance monitoring applications such as threat detection, IDS, NPM and APM tools.

Find out more about the dramatic cost savings, productivity gains and increased visibility the EndaceProbe Network Analytics Platform can deliver for SecOps, NetOps, DevOps and IT Operations teams.

Cyber Security

Network history gives security analysts the definitive evidence they need to analyze security threats and data breaches quickly, see exactly what happened and respond appropriately.

Application Performance 
Monitoring (APM)

Recorded network history lets you replay events to your performance monitoring tools for deep analysis. This means hard-to-resolve and transient applications problems can be investigated quickly and resolved before they affect productivity or customer experience.

Network Performance 
Monitoring (NPM)

Network History can help you pinpoint the root cause of network problems accurately and respond quickly to minimize the impact and maintain network efficiency.

Enterprise Solutions

EndaceProbe Network Analytics Platforms provide accurate, high-speed Network History recording and Playback, and hosting for analytics applications. They can be connected into a centrally-managed, searchable EndaceFabric to provide network-wide full packet capture and playback.

System Builders and OEMs

Endace’s DAG packet capture cards have been the industry standard for accelerating packet capture

software applications for

 almost two decades.

EndaceODE is a DAG-accelerated, open development server that is highly optimized and delivers proven reliability.

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