Fidelis Cybersecurity transforms security operations by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of investigation, incident response and SOC teams. Our Automated Detection & Response (ADR) platform brings together and automates network and endpoint security. From automatically correlated telemetry to automatic threat and compromise validation to automated response, Fidelis ADR protects the world’s most sensitive data by equipping organizations to detect, investigate and stop advanced cyberattacks.

Our products, services and proprietary threat intelligence enable customers to proactively face advanced threats and prevent data theft with immediate detection, monitoring and response capabilities. With our integrated Fidelis Elevate Platform or our individual Fidelis Network, Fidelis Endpoint and Fidelis Deception modules, customers can stay one step ahead of any attacker before a major breach hits.


Protect Sensitive Data on ALL Your Endpoints

The Fidelis Elevate platform dramatically improves the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations by delivering comprehensive visibility, intelligent deception, automatic alert validation, and increased response across network and endpoints. The Fidelis Elevate platform is engineered for visibility and designed for response against today’s advanced and evolving threats.


  • Deep Session Inspection™: for all ports and protocols including misuse and non-standard port services with multi-gigabit speeds and enterprise scalability.
  • Real-Time Analysis: The Deep Session Inspection engine sees every single packet traversing the network and recursively decodes and analyzes the protocols, applications, and content objects in those session buffers in real-time — while the sessions are occurring.
  • Conclusions: by automatically grouping related alerts, the Fidelis Network module can quickly analyze alerts that occur on the same endpoint/IP Address over time.
    Pre-Staged Evidence/Alert validation: suspect network data, rich content, and files analyzed by multiple defenses, security analytics, and rules are included as pre-staged evidence to security analysts that would otherwise be collected using multiple tools and utilities.
  • Retrospective Metadata: protocol, application, and content level metadata is stored for historical analysis by automated security analytics and rules.


  • Hybrid Communications: unique hybrid agent communication model provides lightning fast communications for distribution of resources and reduced bandwidth consumption, while returning results from jobs in seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • Real-time Detection: driven by behavioral rules and indicators provided from the Fidelis Threat Research Team, 3rd party/ custom feeds, custom behavioral rules, and Fidelis AV* detections.
  • Playback Analysis: record key events and automatically deliver a timeline related to suspected incidents along with the prioritized alerts.
  • Auto Response Engine: create and customize response workflows to automatically kick off remediation or deep analysis actions by defining trigger rules and actions.
  • Fidelis Antivirus: extends the core functionality of Endpoint to include prevention, Fidelis AV is deeply integrated into the event recording features, providing visibility into exactly where threats originate.
  • Process Scanning: allows users to block executables from running, by hash or with YARA rules, a unique feature of Fidelis Antivirus.