Inpixon (NASDAQ: INPX) is the leader in Indoor Positioning and Data Analytics. Inpixon sensors are designed to find all accessible cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices anonymously. Paired with high performance, data analytics platform, this technology delivers visibility, security and business intelligence on any commercial or government premises worldwide. Inpixon’s products, infrastructure solutions, and professional services group help customers take advantage of mobile, big data, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) to uncover the untold stories of the indoors. For the latest insight on Indoor Positioning and Data Analytics, follow Inpixon on LinkedIn and @InpixonHQ on Twitter.

What is Indoor Mapping?

Indoor mapping is the process of converting floorplans into digital, interactive representations of indoor spaces. In addition to serving as a wayfinding platform, indoor maps leverage business rules, localization and the IoT to enable users to visualize spatial data, creating real-time indoor location intelligence. With our indoor mapping platform, any system can be enhanced to display data in the context of an indoor map.

How are Indoor Maps Created?

Our indoor mapping platform converts static maps (DWG, SVG, JPG, GeoJSON, PNG, PDF…) into intelligent, multi-dimensional digital maps by overlaying multiple data layers to create scalable, location-aware applications. Indoor maps are integral to the creation of location-aware IoT-enabled smart buildings. These maps are then integrated with various platforms and data sets (your business data, third-party systems and data) via SDKs and APIs enabling a wide range of map-enabled use cases.

Key Benefits

Reduce Risk

Leverage a proven best-in-class indoor mapping solution and do it right the first time.

Go To Market Faster

Quickly and easily deploy location-aware maps into apps on multiple platforms using our indoor mapping platform.

Support Multiple Use Cases

Extend indoor maps to address a variety of use cases using one centralized set of maps across your enterprise.

Create Smart Indoor Experiences with Map-Enabled Applications


Inpixon Mapping™, our indoor mapping platform, provides users with the tools to add intelligence to complex indoor spaces. With Inpixon Mapping, users can create and bring indoor maps to apps, enabling multiple use cases using a single set of maps.

What is Indoor Positioning?

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) can most easily be explained as GPS for indoor locations. It is a technology that allows users to accurately pinpoint the location of people or assets inside a building using smartphones, mobile devices, tracking tags or other devices.

How Does it Work?

Using a variety of sensors, IPS technology detects and tracks data about a device’s location. This can be accomplished using either internal sensors and radio receivers in smart phones and other IoT wearable devices or with radio frequency sensors installed throughout an indoor space. The location data is ingested by the positioning system generating accurate coordinates which are displayed on an indoor map.


Key Benefits

Create Indoor Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into space utilization patterns with live indoor location intelligence.

Enhance Experiences

Create enhanced user experiences with high accuracy, no latency blue dot to provide precise indoor location.

Increase ROI

Enhance your solutions with precise location for unparalleled indoor experiences.

Create Smart Indoor Spaces with Indoor Positioning

Inpixon’s indoor positioning solution leverages a suite of on-device blue dot indoor location and motion technologies in combination with Inpixon’s sensors, to provide users with an advanced and accurate real-time indoor location and positioning services. Our technology-agnostic architecture also gives you the flexibility to optionally leverage your existing infrastructure or work with one of our ecosystem partners, ensuring the right fit for your indoor positioning needs.

When combined with our Indoor Intelligence solutions, users can create smart indoor spaces with location awareness, analytics and interactive maps.

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