Kinesense specialise in Video Investigation Solutions. We are one of the leading providers of video analytic software to the UK law enforcement market. Utilising rapid smart analysis, based around a comprehensive flexible platform, capable of producing dynamic results via focused video search and automated reporting functionality. Kinesense software ensures a rapid dissemination of actionable intelligence and simply empowers investigators to get the job done, saving time, money and effort.

We provide you with one platform to manage all your video investigation tasks, from capture to court. By combining our smart video search technology with easy to use reporting functionality, investigators can generate leads faster.
Four reasons your video evidence costs more than it needs to:

  • Trying to get different formats into a viewable format
  • Transferring and sharing video across the organization
  • Manually searching and sifting through footage to find key events
  • Preparing intelligence, court, and disclosure reports


Capture to court
Kinesense KES is the solution for a wider team or enterprise deployment.

Video is an important part of the puzzle in major incidents, organised crime and volume crime. With Kinesense KES you can deploy video investigation capability flexibly across your organisation, so personnel have functionality when they need it.

By simplifying video processing with automatic search technology and template based workflows, non-technical staff can collect, process, search, review, tag and report on their findings. KES is ideally deployed as part of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) initiative to deal with video.

KES is all about flexibility. Its available on a subscription basis, can be networked and incorporates access to all Kinesense product functionality. Platform functionality can be extended to provide the latest video analytics capability including face detection and recognition.


Face detection, matching and recognition is just one of the analytic modules that can be added on to the Kinesense Video Investigation Solution. Automatically find and extract faces in video to save time reviewing footage. Identify a suspect by finding matches against the watch list database.

Face Detection & attribute module:

The solution finds and extracts faces in the video. These faces can then be filtered by:

  • by age
  • by gender
  • by wearing glasses/no glasses

Face Recognition module:
The solution can analyse video to find all faces in the video. These faces are then compared to a known database of suspects or person of interest which have been enrolled into the suspect database. When there is a potential match, it will be highlighted to the analyst.

This solution is available as a standalone solution or as part of the Kinesense Enterprise Solution.

Ideal for:

  • Technical support units
  • Counter terror units
  • Covert surveillance
  • Intelligence services


Rapid Video Searching

Looking for ISO 17025 accrediation, this powerful solution enables time-efficient video retrieval, search and reporting from vast amounts of video evidence, whilst ensuring the integrity of your data.

Making use of the most advanced analytics in the market, you can avail of multiple search option including searching by object, colour, zone or even by faces. As part of our open platform initiative, there is the option to add new analytics to suit your requirements. Talk to us today about your requirements.

This solution is available as a standalone solution or as part of the Kinesense Enterprise Solution.

Ideal for:

  • Imaging departments
  • Major investigation teams
  • CCTV investigations


CCTV PlayerManager for frontline police

PlayerManager enables time-efficient video player sorting, storing and sharing. Officers can use it to find the right player, select images and clips and export for suspect charging or interview.

Available as desktop, USB or networked solution.

It comes with 950+ Virtualised Players & the ability to add and manage your own players.

Ideal for:

  • Frontline Police
  • Imaging Departments
  • Volume Crime Teams


Can’t play a video file?
Need to redact faces or other sensitive data?
Want to clarify or highlight something?

Our specially trained technicians provide a range of fast and reliable forensic CCTV and eDiscovery services to police, legal and commercial entities.

The General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) mean that if you are realeasing video to a third party, you must blur or redact images of other individuals that may have been recorder. See article: What do the GDPR rules mean in relation to CCTV?

Key services include:

  • Video conversion
  • Video redaction of faces and other sensitive information to protect privacy
  • Search or review of video for important events
  • Enhancement or clarification of images and videos


Fast, easy video reporting

Kinesense Report enables you to create team briefings and video evidence in minutes. Key features include redaction, annotation and clarification.

Suspect tagging and centralised viewing logs ensures optimal intelligence exploitation.

Ideal for:

  • Major Investigation teams
  • Imaging Departments
  • Data protection officers


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