Navtech Radar is a world leading innovator and multi-award winning designer and manufacturer of commercially deployed radar detection solutions. Our ground-breaking technology is utilised by clients across many industry sectors, from Security Surveillance and Industrial Automation to Traffic Incident Detection. Navtech has harnessed the power of the latest technology for commercial radar applications at a fraction of the cost, and to the most exacting quality and standards.

Renowned for investing heavily in innovation and R&D, Navtech Radar has earned an unrivalled reputation for products that are high performance, robust and extremely reliable. Our systems are often used in mission critical applications where safety and security are vital.

Navtech Radar’s solutions are all designed, manufactured and supported from our factory in Oxfordshire, UK. We place high priority not just upon technical excellence, but upon the quality of our service. Customers worldwide can expect our experienced team of engineers and consultants, who make it their business to understand your commercial and operational needs, to work closely with you in order to solve your specific requirements.

With strong emphasis on technical innovation and design, much of our product development has evolved out of client requests for bespoke product features, with clients benefiting from talking directly with the inventors of our award-winning technology.

Our products have contributed to a number of “world firsts” including the first driverless straddle carrier container port, surveillance radar for security and airport surface movement, as well as radar-based road tunnel monitoring systems.

Navtech technology is making an impact on safety and security all over the world, from the avoidance of traffic collisions, the protection of national or critical installations such as airports and data centres to minimising industrial incidents. New applications for our products are being discovered and proven all the time. We can quickly tailor our technology for your needs. Contact us and we will arrange a meeting at your convenience to demonstrate our products and to discuss your individual requirements.


Intelligent Threat Analysis Solution
The AdvanceGuard high definition radar security surveillance solution is an innovative alternative to high-cost manned guarding and provides a reliable, low cost solution that delivers continuous automatic perimeter surveillance. From small sites to large complex compounds, AdvanceGuard provides the most comprehensive security surveillance system available. It is ideal for applications such as airport surveillance, critical national infrastructure and commercial installations.

The rules-based system can be adapted and features can be added to suit the needs of each individual sites. The all-weather radar system can detect, track and identify the exact location of any threats. By detecting both inside and beyond the perimeter, it can identify potential intruders before they can enter the site at any time of day or night.


Intelligent Transport Systems Solution

The biggest challenge of Highways Authorities is to maintain safety on an ever busier road network. In order to maximise traffic flow, they need to be notified as soon as incidents occur or traffic flow reaches threshold levels. This is so issues can be resolved and traffic routed as quickly as possible to keep traffic moving. The award-winning ClearWay solution deploys radar technology providing highly accurate incident detection, unaffected by changing weather and light conditions. ClearWay is a modular system, which can be adapted and customised to suit the individual needs of each customer. The system performs flawlessly all year round with a lower lifetime cost than traditional systems.

ClearWay has been adopted by leading Highways Authorities as the system of choice for increasing safety and throughput on roads.  If you are looking for the best technology to provide the highest safety on your highways, whilst maximising your capacity, then ClearWay is the system for you.

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