PKWARE offers the only data discovery and protection solution that locates and secures sensitive data to minimize organizational risks and costs, regardless of device or environment. Our ultra-efficient, scalable software is simple to use on a broad range of data types and repositories, enabling precise, automated visibility and control of personal data, even in the fastest-moving, most complex IT environments. With more than 1,200 customers, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, retailers, healthcare organizations, and government agencies, PKWARE continues to innovate as an award-winning global leader in data discovery, security, and compliance.

Discover Where Sensitive Data Resides

Personal data is everywhere: on-premises and in the cloud, from file servers and databases to data warehouses and data lakes, to individual desktops and endpoints. Data is also shared among employees and partners, which means the same personal information may be stored in multiple repositories. Finding personal and sensitive data quickly, accurately, and completely is often more difficult than it appears.

Integrated Discovery for Improved Protection

Companies today gather so much data that it is virtually impossible to understand what sensitive data is in their possession without the help of an automated discovery solution. PKWARE and Dataguise have joined together to offer:

Icon designExtensive
Platform Support

Supported discovery for the most widely used data repositories.

Icon designOn-Demand

Run discovery scans continuously or scheduled at specific dates and times for different processes.

Icon designExecute
Retention Policies

Create rules to classify, archive, delete, or move data based on data type, last accessed, age, and more.

Icon designHighly

Discover on high volumes and/or high velocities of data.

Icon designMachine

Find information that may be semantically ambiguous using context and machine learning.

Icon designUncover
Hidden Data

Ensure sensitive data is continually identified as more data is amassed.

Icon designRisky

Locate identifiers, pseudo-identifiers, and quasi-identifiers.

Icon designContext
of Error

Minimize false-positives andeliminate false-negatives.

Icon designSensitive

Scan for pre-defined or unique sensitive types, and collect unique counts of impacted identifiers for breach reporting

Fast And Simple Set-Up

No extensive integration or professional services work required to get started. PK Discovery doesn’t require a single line of code, and can deliver fine-grained and aggregated optics into what sensitive data you have and where it resides in minutes.

Integrate With Remediation

Knowing where data resides is a start. PK Discovery can find information stored on file servers, big data repositories, databases, endpoint devices, and across the enterprise. It then integrates with additional capabilities to encrypt, mask, redact, or otherwise remediate sensitive information.

Real-Time Policy Enforcement

Continuously monitor endpoints, servers, and enterprise solutions for sensitive information. PK Discovery initiates regular scanning based on your organization’s definition of sensitive data. If the data fits a defined pattern, the system can automatically initiate the next steps.

PK Masking

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Maintain Control Of Sensitive Data

Fully utilized data is an enterprise’s most valuable asset. But data without protection becomes a liability. Masking personal, confidential, or otherwise sensitive information allows data to be desensitized or protected while still remaining usable by business teams. It’s a straightforward concept, but businesses have to consider certain complexities and subtleties to ensure their masked data remains fit for purpose.

Protect Privacy, Maximize Data Value

For data-driven enterprises, data needs to be available and accessible, making masking the ideal solution for data protection. PK Masking, powered by Dataguise technology, offers:

Icon designStatic Database

Irreversibly protect data within the database from being revealed and misused.

Icon designDynamic

Add masking and access controls to data only when it’s queried for use.

Icon designFile and Image

Permanently remove sensitive information as soon as it appears in files or images.

Icon designExtensive
Masking Options

Including character-level, custom value, format-preserving, redaction, and more. Customize additional options for unique use cases.

Icon designProtected
Yet Auditable

Mask data in full or in part and keep it discoverable for audit purposes.

Icon design
Personal Information

Change identifiable details with pseudonymization and anonymization.

Maintain Cross-Source Consistency And Persistence

Sensitive data may reside in multiple, disparate databases across your organization. PK Masking helps maintain control of sensitive data by masking it consistently across data stores. Our static masking can keep the data masked at rest while our dynamic masking only masks data when in use.

PK Masking

Production-Quality DBMS Copies

Copy production databases for non-production use quickly and easily. PK Masking automatically masks sensitive data in a DBMS, helping you fully leverage the entire data set for more accurate and meaningful insight and measurement.

Perform Safe Analytics

Mask or encrypt one or more sensitive columns or elements in analytics systems such as Hadoop, Teradata, or Snowflake to enable safe analytics. Original values are only decrypted and visible for authorized users.

Eliminate Points Of Failure

With no linkage between the original data and the masked data, our static masking ensures that there is no possibility of retrieving the original sensitive data from the masked values. This eliminates points of failure when protecting personal or sensitive data with masking.

pk privacy overview

Index Identities And Related Data

Today, businesses are required to stay on top of the privacy rights of hundreds of thousands—perhaps even millions—of individuals protected by multiple regulations. Meeting these requirements for privacy starts with understanding the variables and makeup of your different data subject groups relevant to each regulatory restriction. With PK Privacy, organizations have the methodologies, tools, and techniques to achieve required and acceptable levels of privacy.

Full Scope Protection

Control your company’s data privacy at the data, enterprise, and individual level with powerful PK Privacy engineering solutions, powered by Dataguise technology.

Icon designManage Data Subject
Access Requests (DSAR)

Automate the DSAR response process to meet requirements faster and on budget.

Icon designFind Data on
Identities Anywhere

Discovering sensitive data is at the root of meeting privacy requirements.

Icon designAutomatic Right
to be Forgotten

Create rules that will erase, mask, or encrypt sensitive data as soon as it is found.

Icon designEmploy Privacy
Enhancing Techniques

Enable pseudonymization, anonymization, and de-identification of private personal data.

Icon designThird-Party

Integrate our right-to-know discovery and right-to-erasure protection with your existing privacy management solution or IT service management.

Icon designScans That
Exceed Retention

Scan datasets to find data that can and/or should legally be archived or deleted due to age or lack of use.

Icon designDetect and Act
on Breaches

Detect and confirm breaches with monitoring, then accurately estimate and report on the breach’s impact.

Discovery Built For Privacy

Not all discovery solutions can perform efficient right-to-know or data subject access requests. PKWARE provides a right-to-know discovery solution that indexes identities and the data about those identities. PK Privacy finds information across your enterprise with data stored on file servers, big data repositories, databases, endpoint devices, and across the enterprise.

Privacy By Design

Knowing where data resides is only the starting point. Organizations must also provide right-to-erasure or right-to-be-forgotten rules. Once PK Privacy discovers data, it can automatically encrypt, mask, redact, delete, or otherwise remediate personal information as requested.

Real-Time Privacy Enforcement

Continuously monitor endpoints, servers, and enterprise solutions for privacy data so that when it’s time to respond to a DSAR, policies can be easily followed. If the data fits a defined pattern, the system can automatically initiate the next steps.

PK Encryption Overview

Quickly Secure
Files And Data

If data is the new currency for businesses, then protecting it is paramount to protecting the organizations using it. With PK Encryption, powered by the merger of Dataguise and PKWARE technologies, businesses can encrypt files and databases, as well as data that is being transmitted, by converting usable data into an unreadable form and providing decryption to those with proper access to reverse the process.

Precision in Protection

Redefine enterprise data protection with complete administrative control for finding and protecting sensitive data wherever it is stored. PK Encryption protects your business from financial and reputational damage while adding confidence that sensitive information is secure.

Icon designPersistent File

Apply protection to the data itself for hundreds of file types so sensitive information stays encrypted no matter where it is stored, shared, or copied.

Icon designFormat Preserving

Encrypt data while preserving the formatting and length of the original data.

Icon designTransparent
Data Encryption

Protect data at rest on enterprise servers and automatically encrypt/decrypt as data is read/written across the network.

Icon designDynamic Data

Encrypt the data while it’s in motion, especially for migration or an ETL process.

Icon designSingle, Automated

Invoke discovery processes that automate encryption workflows.

Icon designControlled

Provide mechanisms for decrypting and discovering data that is encrypted from uncontrolled third-party applications.

Icon designExtensive Protection

Automate policy-based encryption for sensitive data in TXT, AVRO, Sequence, RC, ORC, JSON, XML file formats, and more.

Icon designInside and
Outside Control

Sensitive data remains safe even when it’s sent to users outside the organization.

Icon designEndpoint, Cloud
and On-Prem

Encrypt data at endpoints such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, as well as in large-scale cloud storage systems, database systems, and file servers.

Icon designElement and
Column-Level Encryption

Encrypt sensitive elements in unstructured files and cloud storage objects, and sensitive columns in databases and structured files.

Icon designEmail

Seamlessly and securely send end-to-end encrypted emails internally and externally while preserving user workflows.

Icon designIBM Z and IBM I
Leveraged Crypto Hardware

Extend IBM Pervasive Encryption® and leverage IBM CPACF, zIIP and zEDC for IBM Z and FIPS-140 compliant PCIe3 Crypto Coprocessor for IBM I.

Easy To Implement
And Non-Disruptive

With no endpoint software required, PK Encryption quickly secures files and data without application changes, additional infrastructure, or professional services. And it does all this without disrupting existing workflows.

Encryption Options
Or Transparent Data

There’s more than one way to encrypt data, and the method for each use case depends heavily on where and when both encryption and decryption need to happen. PK Encryption empowers both persistent encryption that applies protection directly to the data and transparent data encryption for protecting stored data on enterprise servers.

Encryption From
Two Points Of View

Encrypt both structured and unstructured data in ways that leave it usable for both protection and analytics. Both types of encryption are available on files, databases, on-premises and cloud object stores, all major cloud players, relational databases, file shares, Hadoop, and more.

Protect Against
Data Loss

If a sender is authorized to transmit sensitive information but forgets to encrypt it beforehand, PK Encryption will not re-route or block. Instead, smart technology encrypts the message for the recipient using a public key or unique Smartkey, limiting the opportunity for data loss prevention.

Combine With
Masking For
Ultimate Protection

Our data protection solutions work even better together: Combine PK Encryption with PK Masking algorithms to give users flexibility and choice when they need to share data with “semi-trusted” users either inside the organization or with external partners.