Thycotic prevents cyberattacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints, and controlling application access. Thycotic is one of the world’s fastest-growing IT security companies because we provide customers with the freedom to choose cloud or on-premise software solutions that are the easiest to implement and use in the industry. Thycotic has grown to serve more than 12,500 customers.


Thycotic Secret Server

Protect your privileged accounts with our enterprise-grade Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution available both on-premise or in the cloud environments.

Try Secret Server On-Premise or in the Cloud for 30 Days free

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Enterprise-scale privilege management at lightning speed

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Get Started Quickly

Get up and running fast with solutions for privileged account discovery, turnkey installation and out-of-the-box auditing and reporting tools.

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Scale for Growth

Manage multiple databases, software applications, hypervisors, network devices, and security tools, even in large-scale, distributed

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Customize as you like

Create endless customizations with direct control to on-premise and cloud PAM. Work with professional services or use your own experts.

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Secure Vault

Store privileged credentials in an encrypted, centralized vault.


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Identify all service, application, administrator, and root accounts to curb sprawl and gain full view of your privileged access.

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Provision and deprovision, ensure password complexity, and rotate credentials.


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Set up RBAC, workflow for access requests, and approvals for third parties.


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Implement session launching, proxies, monitoring, and recording.




Fully featured privileged access management in the cloud

  • Software-as-a-service model lets you sign up and start right away
  • No hardware or infrastructure costs with PAM in the cloud
  • No provisioning, patching, or maintenance overhead
  • Elastic scalability as you grow
  • Controls and redundancy delivered by Azure with 99.9% uptime SLA


Industry-leading PAM
for in-house deployments

  • Total control over your end-to-end security systems and infrastructure
  • Deploy software within your on-premise data center or your own virtual private cloud instance
  • Meet legal and regulatory obligations that require all data and systems to reside on premise

Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager

Control service accounts and other non-human privileged accounts with end-to-end governance, from discovery and provisioning through decommissioning

Mitigate the risk of cyberattacks, service interruptions, and human error.

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Protect Critical
IT Resources

Non-human privileged accounts access services, applications, data, and network resources.

Account Lifecycle Manager Icon: Reduce Service Account Sprawl

Reduce Service
Account Sprawl

Most service accounts fly under the radar of IT, expanding your vulnerable attack surface.

Account Lifecycle Manager Icon: Save Management Time and Effort

Save Management
Time and Effort

Automate service account governance so all accounts have central oversight and control.

Privileged Behavior Analytics

Detect anomalies in privileged account behavior so you can take action before a cyber threat becomes a cyber catastrophe.

Know the Warning Signs of Privileged Account Abuse

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Sudden increase in privileged account access by certain users or systems

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Atypical access of the most privileged accounts or secrets

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High number of privileged accounts accessed at once

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Accounts accessed at unusual times of day or locations