Check Point 3600 SNBT Including 1 Year SNBT Subscription


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The Check Point 3600 Security Gateway is a part of Check Point’s comprehensive security solutions. It is designed to deliver high-performance security for large enterprise networks and data centers.

Benefits of branch office security gateway appliances

Key features of the Check Point 3600 Security Gateway with SandBlast include:

  • Threat Prevention: SandBlast provides protection against known and unknown threats, including zero-day and targeted attacks. It uses advanced threat emulation and extraction techniques to identify and block malicious content.
  • Performance: The 3600 series is engineered for high-performance security, providing robust protection without compromising network speed and efficiency.
  • Multi-Layered Security: Check Point employs a multi-layered security approach, combining firewall, intrusion prevention, application control, URL filtering, antivirus, and SandBlast threat prevention technologies.
  • Centralized Management: Check Point Security Management simplifies the deployment and management of security policies across the entire network.
  • Scalability: The 3600 series is designed to scale with the growing needs of an organization. It can adapt to changes in network size and complexity.
  • User Awareness: The solution can integrate with identity awareness technologies, allowing for granular control over user access based on identity and group membership.
  • Comprehensive Logging and Reporting: Check Point Security Gateway provides detailed logs and reports, aiding in the analysis of security events and helping organizations meet compliance requirements.