Cobham Explorer 710 is BGAN 2.0 new terminal


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The Explorer 710 is BGAN 2.0 a game-changing terminal using new HDR services available from Inmarsat ideal for satellite broadcasters and power users. Shared speeds of 492 Kbps, and streaming speeds of 650kbps with full channel options for higher quality live video newsgathering.
Explorer 710 Top Features

► Streaming speeds of 650 Kbps. The Fastest BGAN streaming speed available. 
► Standard (shared) Internet speeds of 492 Kbps 
► Portable. Will fit inside a large laptop case 
► Wi-Fi hotspot (up to 328′ ft or 100 meters) 
► Same features as the popular Explorer 700 BGAN Terminal 
The Explorer 710 will be the smallest class 1 BGAN terminal, and the first to use the new BGAN HDR (Higher Data Rates) service platform from Inmarsat that is scheduled for commercial launch in Q3 2013. The Explorer 710 will also introduce advanced features including the ability to bond the signals from two 710 terminals using only an Ethernet cable. BGAN Bonding can achieve IP streaming rates of 1 Mbps or even higher using no boxes, no complex routing, just an Ethernet cable and a Linux program running back home. 
“Since 2005, the BGAN platform has transformed newsgathering, enabling live broadcasts from the farthest, most inhospitable reaches of the planet,” said Martin Turner, Inmarsat’s Media Business Director. “We improved the streaming speeds with BGAN X-Stream in 2009 and now, in 2013, we’re introducing the next revolution in satellite newsgathering with BGAN HDR.” 
Cobham’s small and light EXPLORER 710 is a plug-and-play device. It features built-in bonding capability enabling connection speeds of more than 1Mbps (for a shared Internet connection). This was previously only possible on a larger VSAT satellite dish uplinks.  
“The EXPLORER 710 is the most advanced and smallest Class 1 BGAN terminal to date,” said Walther Thygesen, Head of Cobham SATCOM. “It also introduces a number of enhancements, including bonding and smartphone connectivity. Combined with BGAN HDR, it becomes a compact, reliable and extremely portable solution for the high-speed transmission of live video, audio and data from practically anywhere in the world.” 
The Explorer 710 will also introduce Smart Phone apps to the world of BGAN connectivity, enabling users to connect their own portable devices for voice calling and connectivity. Other features include a large LED display, which facilitates set-up and configuration without being connected to a PC, Smart Phone or tablet. 

BGAN HDR Service is slated to be released in Q3 of 2013. It features expected full channel streaming rate of around 650kbps – combined with optimized codecs, you’ll see a real step-change in video quality All new rates will utilize the current Inmarsat-4 network. Half-channel rate means you only pay for what you need

Much of the time, you don’t need extreme speeds coming back to the terminal if all you want to hear are the questions from the studio.  HDR will be asymmetric and you won’t pay for what you don’t need.
Since many don’t require the whole channel, there will be an option to use half the bandwidth.
Included in system

EXPLORER 710 Satellite Terminal with removable antenna

– 403732B-005: EXPLORER 710 Transceiver

– 403703B-005: EXPLORER 710 Antenna

– EXPLORER 710 Softshell Case (403720B-050)

– Short Antenna Cable

– Ethernet Cable

– Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

– 100-240V AC/DC Power Supply

– Quick Start Guide