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EOD K998PL PAN Disrupter Kit with Push Lock Breech and Post Stand


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The PAN Disrupter™ is a Breech loaded, 12 Gauge system, that can accept up to 3½” fired rounds. Velocities up to 3650 Feet per second for specific rounds.

•The PAN Disrupter™ is Shock Tube initiated, and percussion actuated. It has a floating firing pin.

• LARGE Water volume of 140ml to maximize disruption (Velocity of 1450 feet per second).

• It is constructed of high grade Stainless Steel, capable of withstanding chamber pressures of at least 20,000 psi and has been tested using flash testing including Flash X-Ray and Chronographs.

• Two or more targets inside the bomb can be impacted with an isochronicity of 500 microseconds of each other.

• The PAN Disrupter™ has a 24″ Barrel. • All certification and re-certification for Bomb Techs at the FBI Hazardous Device School in Huntsville, Alabama will be using the Original PAN Disrupter™ EXCLUSIVELY!

EOD K998PL PAN Disrupter Kit w/ Push Lock Breech and Post Stand SPECS:

Qty Part # Description

1 1100 24” Stainless Steel Barrel (12ga)

2 3000PL Firing Pins (part # 3000PL)

1 1111 PAN Breech Cap

3 3020PL Springs (part # 3020PL)

1 K4350PL Push Lock Breech Plug (assembled)

1 4351 Push Lock Fitting

1 2001 Seating Tool

4 3073YPL Push Lock “Y” Fitting

1 2010 Shell Extractor

2 3073CPL Push Lock Coupling

1 7250PL 7/16 Nut Driver

50 3090 Red Plugs

1 2045 Gun Bore Cleaning Kit

50 3100 Black Plugs

1 K2001 Laser Sight and Adapter

1 5000 Operator’s Manual (CD)

1 2050 Omni MK31 Initiator

1 K4020 Plastic Case with foam insert

1 2055 Duke Pro (ESI/2) Initiator

1 K3118 Aluminum Post Stand

1 3130 WD-40

1 7110 Firing Pin Tool