Fortinet FortiGate 80F – 3 Year 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection


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Fortinet FortiGate 80F – 3 Year 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection

The Fortinet FortiGate 80F with a 3 Year 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection plan is a long-term, comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed for small to mid-sized businesses, branch offices, and various enterprise environments. This bundle is well-suited for organizations looking for a robust network security infrastructure that includes an advanced firewall appliance and a full suite of ongoing support and protective services.

Fortinet FortiGate 80F Hardware:

  • Advanced Security Appliance: The FortiGate 80F is a compact, all-in-one security device that offers a multitude of security features, such as next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities, Secure SD-WAN, intrusion prevention, and anti-malware protection.
  • Fortinet’s SOC4 Processor: This appliance is powered by Fortinet’s proprietary SOC4 security processor, delivering high-performance throughput and VPN capabilities with efficient processing of encrypted traffic.
  • FortiOS Operating System: The device runs on Fortinet’s FortiOS, the foundation of the Fortinet Security Fabric, which is designed to deliver integrated and automated protection across an organization’s entire digital attack surface.
  • Versatile Connectivity: It includes multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports to facilitate a range of deployment scenarios and cater to high-speed connectivity requirements, which is crucial for modern, bandwidth-intensive operations.

3 Year 24×7 FortiCare:

  • Continuous Support: Subscribers have access to Fortinet’s technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing businesses with immediate assistance for resolving technical issues to maintain network integrity.
  • Regular Software Updates: The service ensures the FortiGate 80F is consistently updated with the latest software releases, including security patches and new features to strengthen network defenses.
  • Timely Hardware Replacement: In the event of hardware failure, the plan typically covers expedited replacement services, minimizing downtime and business interruption.

FortiGuard Enterprise Protection:

  • Extensive Security Services: The Enterprise Protection package offers a comprehensive set of advanced security services that extend beyond the standard Unified Threat Protection (UTP) services, catering to more complex security needs.
  • Proactive Threat Intelligence: Leveraging FortiGuard Labs’ threat intelligence, the FortiGate 80F is kept up-to-date with protection against the latest global cybersecurity threats, including advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks.
  • Security Rating Service: This service provides continuous insight into the security posture of the organization, offering recommendations that align with compliance and best practice standards.
  • Indicators of Compromise (IoC) Service: Identifies and mitigates compromised systems within the network to prevent further spread of threats.
  • Mobile Security: Addresses security for mobile devices, which is vital in a corporate environment with BYOD policies or a mobile workforce.
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR): Offers an additional layer of security by processing incoming files to remove potential threats before they reach the network, ensuring the safe delivery of content.

Choosing the Fortinet FortiGate 80F with a 3 Year 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection package means making a strategic investment in a network’s security architecture. It guarantees that an organization is not only protected by cutting-edge hardware but also supported by a robust array of services for a prolonged period, ensuring readiness against evolving cyber threats and technological changes. This is an ideal solution for organizations that prioritize a secure, reliable, and well-supported IT environment as part of their operational backbone.