Garner CART-EDCE Easy rolling, Enclosed Destruction Cart for TS-1XTE or TS-4XTE, PD-5E, SSD-1E, SSD-CADDY-E & IRONCLAD


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The Garner CART-EDCE is a specialized utility cart designed to organize and enhance the operation of Garner’s data elimination equipment. EDCE stands for Erase, Degauss, Crush, and Erase, which outlines a comprehensive process for data destruction. This cart is typically used to facilitate the movement and management of Garner’s degaussers and physical media destroyers, providing a mobile platform for these devices and their accessories.

Here’s a detailed look at the Garner CART-EDCE:

Mobility and Convenience:

  • The CART-EDCE is built with mobility in mind, allowing users to easily transport their Garner degaussing and destruction devices to various locations within a facility.
  • It is equipped with sturdy wheels and handles, enabling smooth and convenient movement even when fully loaded with equipment.

Design and Build:

  • The cart is robustly constructed to support the weight and dimensions of Garner’s degaussing and destruction units, ensuring stability during use.
  • It often features a design that allows for ergonomic operation of the equipment, including appropriate heights for feeding media into the degaussers and crushers.


  • The CART-EDCE provides a well-organized workspace, with dedicated areas or shelves for different devices and stages of the data destruction process.
  • It may include storage spaces or bins for holding media awaiting destruction or disposal, helping to maintain a clean and efficient work area.


  • The cart is tailored to integrate seamlessly with Garner products, which may include the HD-2XTE and HD-3XTLE degaussers, as well as the PD-4 physical hard drive destroyer, among others.
  • By housing both degaussing and physical destruction equipment on the same cart, the CART-EDCE allows for a streamlined destruction process from degaussing to physical crushing of media.

Utility Features:

  • It typically features power strips or electrical outlets for connecting the equipment, ensuring that all necessary tools can be powered from a single location.
  • The CART-EDCE may also offer secure storage for accessories like barcode scanners, verification software, and documentation tools.

Safety and Efficiency:

  • The design of the CART-EDCE emphasizes operator safety, with features like cable management systems to prevent tripping hazards and secure mounting for heavy equipment to prevent tipping.
  • It allows operators to manage the data destruction process more efficiently, with all tools readily available and in one place, which can significantly reduce the time and labor involved in data sanitization workflows.

In summary, the Garner CART-EDCE is a thoughtfully designed utility cart that complements Garner’s data destruction devices, providing a mobile, all-in-one solution for the secure and systematic elimination of sensitive information from electronic storage devices. It enhances operational efficiency, safety, and organization for businesses that regularly perform data erasure and destruction tasks.