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The Garner CART-RCC-RE is a mobile deployment cart specifically tailored for supporting the operations of Garner’s data destruction equipment. While I don’t have specific details about a model named “CART-RCC-RE” as of my last update in April 2023, it is likely to be a custom or specialized variant within Garner’s range of deployment carts.

Generally, Garner’s deployment carts are designed to accommodate their various data destruction devices, such as degaussers and hard drive destroyers. These carts enable users to create a mobile workstation that can be easily moved to different locations within a facility, making the data destruction process more flexible and efficient.

Here are some features typically associated with Garner deployment carts, which might apply to the CART-RCC-RE if it follows the standard offerings:


  • Equipped with heavy-duty casters for ease of movement.
  • Designed to navigate through doorways and across various floor types.

Robust Construction:

  • Built with durability in mind to handle the weight and bulk of data destruction equipment.
  • May include secure fastenings or padding to protect the equipment during transit.

Integrated Workspace:

  • Features a work surface or shelves for placing devices, media, and tools.
  • Can include adjustable components to suit different devices or user preferences.

Accessory Accommodation:

  • Outfitted with storage solutions for accessories like power cords, manuals, and destruction verification devices.
  • May have features like built-in power strips for convenient equipment operation.

Efficiency and Organization:

  • Designed to streamline the data destruction process by keeping all necessary equipment and accessories organized and within reach.
  • May offer dedicated areas for media awaiting destruction and receptacles for destroyed media.


  • Garner often provides customization options for their carts to match the specific needs of their clients, which could include the configuration of racks, cages, or secure compartments.

Safety Features:

  • Emphasis on operator safety with stable designs to prevent tipping and features to manage cables and prevent tripping hazards.

If you’re looking at the Garner CART-RCC-RE for operational use, it’s recommended to consult directly with Garner or an authorized distributor for the most accurate and detailed product specifications, features, and compatibility with your existing data destruction equipment. Garner’s customer service can also provide guidance on how to best integrate a new cart into your data security protocol, ensuring you get a solution that fits your organization’s requirements.