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The Garner HD-2XTE is a high-speed, high-energy degausser designed to securely erase data from hard drives and tape media. As part of Garner’s line of data destruction equipment, which is often used by organizations that require reliable and effective sanitization of their storage media, the HD-2XTE model is built to meet rigorous data destruction needs.

Here are some key points and features about the Garner HD-2XTE High-Speed Degausser:

High-Speed, High-Energy Degaussing:

  • The HD-2XTE is capable of degaussing media at a rapid pace, which is essential for operations that need to process a large volume of drives or tapes.
  • It uses a powerful electromagnetic field to ensure complete data erasure, which can be crucial for organizations that handle sensitive or classified information.

NSA and DoD Compliance:

  • Garner’s degaussers, including the HD-2XTE, are often evaluated for compliance with standards set by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Defense (DoD). This means they are suitable for use in high-security environments where adherence to specific data destruction regulations is required.

User-Friendly Operation:

  • The HD-2XTE is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring simple controls and indicators that make the degaussing process straightforward for operators.
  • It typically includes an LCD screen that provides the user with status updates, a cycle counter, and other relevant operational details.


  • It is compatible with a range of magnetic media types, including both longitudinal and perpendicular magnetic hard drives, as well as various types of tape media.
  • The HD-2XTE is designed to handle standard-sized hard drives and may accommodate multiple smaller drives or tapes in a single cycle, depending on their sizes.


  • While the HD-2XTE is a powerful piece of equipment, it is also built to be relatively portable. This can be particularly advantageous for organizations that need to perform degaussing operations in different locations or have limited space.

Destruction Verification:

  • Some models may feature a verification step to ensure that media has been properly degaussed, which is critical for maintaining data security compliance.
  • This aspect of the HD-2XTE helps organizations provide audit trails and verification of destruction for legal or regulatory purposes.

Environmental Considerations:

  • Degaussing with the HD-2XTE is an environmentally responsible way to destroy data, as it doesn’t involve physical destruction of the drive’s platters, allowing for the recycling of the drive components.

After-Degaussing Disposal:

  • Although the HD-2XTE will erase the data on the drives, it does not physically destroy them. Many organizations follow degaussing with physical destruction to ensure the drives are not accidentally reused and to provide visible evidence that the drives have been sanitized.

In summary, the Garner HD-2XTE High-Speed Degausser is designed for organizations that need to securely, quickly, and effectively erase sensitive data from magnetic media. Its user-friendly interface, compliance with security standards, and compatibility with various media types make it a suitable option for secure data erasure tasks.