Garner HD-3XTLE High-Volume Degausser with Software & SCAN-1XE Voucher


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The Garner HD-3XTLE High-Volume Degausser is a professional degaussing solution for organizations that need to erase large quantities of magnetic media with a guarantee of security. Paired with software and a SCAN-1XE voucher, it provides a complete package for thorough data destruction with verification and reporting capabilities.

Garner HD-3XTLE High-Volume Degausser:

  • High-Volume Erasure: The HD-3XTLE is designed for high-throughput environments where many drives or tapes need to be degaussed quickly and efficiently.
  • Powerful Degaussing: With a strong electromagnetic field, this degausser ensures the complete erasure of all data on hard drives (both standard and laptop sizes) and various tape formats, including DLT, LTO, and AIT.
  • Fast Operation: The HD-3XTLE can perform a complete degauss cycle in a short period, often less than a minute, making it an efficient tool for operations with a large backlog of media.
  • Ease of Use: Typically, the HD-3XTLE comes with simple controls and indicators, making the process user-friendly and reducing the potential for operator error.

Software Integration:

  • Documentation and Reporting: The included software allows for the generation of detailed reports and certificates of destruction, essential for audit trails and compliance purposes.
  • Database Management: Users can manage a database of degaussed drives, which is beneficial for keeping track of assets and ensuring all media has been processed.

SCAN-1XE Voucher:

  • Media Scanning: The SCAN-1XE system usually involves a scanner and software that records the serial numbers of the media being degaussed, which can be crucial for asset tracking and verification.
  • Integration: This system typically integrates with the HD-3XTLE’s software to match degaussed drives with their corresponding serial numbers for accurate record-keeping.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compliance: Suitable for organizations that need to comply with national and international regulations for data destruction, like HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, and others.
  • Security: The HD-3XTLE is often listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for degaussers, meaning it meets the security requirements for handling classified and sensitive information.
  • Verification: With the SCAN-1XE, the process of degaussing can be verified and documented, providing evidence that the data destruction process has been completed successfully.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Degaussing is a more eco-friendly option compared to physical destruction, as it allows for the recycling of components of the degaussed media.

The Garner HD-3XTLE High-Volume Degausser with software and a SCAN-1XE voucher is a comprehensive solution for organizations that require reliable, secure, and verifiable destruction of data on magnetic storage media. This package not only ensures the physical process of data erasure but also provides the means to track, document, and report each action for a complete end-to-end data destruction workflow.