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The Garner TS-1XTE IRONCLAD is an advanced degaussing solution designed for organizations that need to securely and efficiently destroy data on magnetic storage media, along with providing a comprehensive method of verification and documentation of the degaussing process.

Garner TS-1XTE Degausser:

  • High-Security Degaussing: The TS-1XTE is an NSA-listed degausser, capable of erasing classified and top-secret data by generating a powerful electromagnetic field to disrupt the magnetic properties of storage media, rendering any previously stored data irretrievable.
  • Efficient Operation: With a degaussing cycle of approximately 45 seconds per drive or tape, the TS-1XTE can quickly process a large volume of media, suitable for operations with high throughput requirements.
  • Ease of Use: The device features an easy-to-operate interface, often with a simple one-button start for the degaussing process, and is designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal training for operators.

IRONCLAD Erasure Verification System:

  • Verification Software: The IRONCLAD software provides a secure and detailed erasure report for every degaussed drive, including the time, date, operator ID, witness ID, and the serial number of the media.
  • Image Capture: Equipped with a camera, the IRONCLAD system captures images of the media before and after degaussing to visually verify the process and provide a photographic record.
  • Barcode Scanning: The system includes a barcode scanner to accurately record the serial numbers of the media, ensuring that all information is correctly logged and associated with the corresponding erasure report.
  • Touchscreen Display: A user-friendly touchscreen interface simplifies the navigation and operation of the verification process, providing an intuitive user experience.

Key Advantages:

  • Regulatory Compliance: The Garner TS-1XTE IRONCLAD helps organizations comply with strict data protection and privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and GLBA, by providing proof of secure data destruction.
  • Audit Trail: The comprehensive reporting capabilities of the IRONCLAD system create a verifiable audit trail, essential for organizations that need to demonstrate compliance with internal policies or external regulatory requirements.
  • Secure Data Destruction: The combination of the TS-1XTE’s powerful degaussing and the IRONCLAD’s verification system offers one of the most secure methods for data destruction available, ensuring that sensitive information cannot be recovered.
  • Environmental Consideration: As a non-destructive method of data sanitization, degaussing with the TS-1XTE allows for the recycling of the media’s physical components, contributing to an organization’s sustainable practices.

Overall, the Garner TS-1XTE IRONCLAD is a premium choice for secure data destruction. It is especially ideal for government agencies, corporate entities, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions that handle highly sensitive information and require not just the elimination of data, but also the means to prove that the data has been destroyed in a secure and compliant manner.