Garner TS-1XTE NSA Listed Degausser with Software & SCAN-1XE Voucher


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The Garner TS-1XTE is a powerful, NSA-listed degausser designed for the secure erasure of sensitive data on magnetic storage media. This high-security device is complemented by software for documentation and a SCAN-1XE voucher for enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities. Here’s a detailed look at the features and benefits of this combination:

Garner TS-1XTE NSA Listed Degausser:

  • NSA Listed: The TS-1XTE is on the NSA Evaluated Products List for Degaussers, which means it has been tested and meets the stringent requirements for erasing classified and top-secret data.
  • High-Energy Degaussing: It generates a powerful magnetic field to ensure the complete erasure of data from hard drives and tape media, making the information unrecoverable.
  • Fast Degaussing Cycle: The device can degauss media quickly, typically in less than a minute, which is ideal for organizations with large quantities of media to sanitize.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed for ease of use, it likely includes an automated process with clear controls and a visual indicator of the degaussing status.

Software Integration:

  • Record Keeping: The accompanying software enables the generation of detailed reports, which can include the date, time, operator ID, and witness ID, along with other relevant information for each degaussing operation.
  • Compliance and Verification: This feature aids in compliance with various data protection regulations by providing verifiable proof that data destruction procedures have been followed correctly.

SCAN-1XE Voucher:

  • Serial Number Scanning: The SCAN-1XE system captures the serial numbers of the drives or tapes being degaussed. This is crucial for maintaining detailed asset management records and ensuring chain-of-custody documentation.
  • Integration with Degaussing: When used in conjunction with the TS-1XTE degausser, the SCAN-1XE system ensures that each piece of media is accounted for and that its destruction is properly recorded.

Key Advantages:

  • Security Assurance: With the TS-1XTE being NSA-listed, organizations handling highly sensitive information can be assured of the security level of the data erasure.
  • Efficient Workflow: The combination of high-speed degaussing with software and SCAN-1XE integration streamlines the data destruction process, making it efficient and user-friendly.
  • Environmental Consideration: Degaussing with the TS-1XTE allows for the disposal of media in an environmentally responsible way, as the physical disk or tape can often be recycled after the data has been erased.
  • Audit Trail: The package provides a complete audit trail from the destruction process to the final disposal of the media, which is essential for regulatory compliance and security audits.

In summary, the Garner TS-1XTE NSA Listed Degausser paired with software and a SCAN-1XE voucher offers a high-security data destruction solution. It is designed for organizations that require not only the physical erasure of data but also the need for detailed tracking, reporting, and compliance with data protection standards. This comprehensive approach ensures that sensitive information is irretrievably destroyed while maintaining a clear and auditable record of the process.