Garner TS-4XTE 30,000 Gauss Class Degausser with Software & SCAN-1XE Voucher


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The Garner TS-4XTE is an extremely powerful, high-capacity degausser offering a formidable 30,000 Gauss (or 3 Tesla) magnetic field for the erasure of magnetic media. Aimed at organizations that need to ensure the absolute destruction of data from a variety of media types, the TS-4XTE is paired with software for documentation and a SCAN-1XE voucher for media tracking and verification, providing a comprehensive data sanitization solution.

Garner TS-4XTE 30,000 Gauss Class Degausser:

  • Powerful Magnetic Field: The TS-4XTE’s 30,000 Gauss magnetic field is among the most powerful available for a degausser, ensuring it can erase the highest coercivity magnetic media on the market today.
  • High-Capacity Erasure: It is designed to handle a high volume of hard drives and tapes, making it ideal for large data centers or storage facilities that require efficient and secure disposal of outdated or redundant media.
  • Efficient Operation: The TS-4XTE typically features a quick degaussing cycle, allowing organizations to process large quantities of media in a relatively short period.
  • NSA Listed: This degausser is likely to be on the NSA Evaluated Products List, meaning it meets the rigorous standards set for the sanitization of classified and sensitive information.
  • Ease of Use: With simple controls and automated operation, the TS-4XTE is designed for ease of use while providing a secure erasure process.

Software Integration:

  • Digital Documentation: The included software allows for the generation of detailed reports that log each degaussing operation. This can include a range of data such as the media type, serial number, and time/date of destruction, which is essential for audit trails and compliance with data security regulations.
  • Asset Management: The software assists in managing an inventory of destroyed media, ensuring that all data destruction is accounted for and can be verified.

SCAN-1XE Voucher:

  • Serial Number Verification: The SCAN-1XE system captures the serial numbers of the degaussed media, which is critical for maintaining accurate asset disposal records.
  • Integration with Degaussing Process: This system works alongside the degausser to ensure a seamless documentation flow, linking each degaussed media item to its corresponding serial number for precise tracking.

Key Benefits:

  • Regulatory Compliance: The TS-4XTE with software and SCAN-1XE voucher helps organizations comply with international data protection standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX, by providing proof of secure data destruction.
  • Enhanced Security: With its extreme degaussing power, the TS-4XTE offers enhanced security for sensitive data, ensuring that information cannot be recovered or reconstructed.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Degaussing with the TS-4XTE is environmentally friendly as it allows for the recycling of components from the degaussed media.
  • Complete Destruction Solution: The combination of the TS-4XTE degausser, software, and SCAN-1XE system provides a full end-to-end destruction process, from the physical erasure of data to the documentation and verification of the sanitization.

In conclusion, the Garner TS-4XTE 30,000 Gauss Class Degausser with Software & SCAN-1XE Voucher is a premium solution for any organization that requires a high level of assurance that their magnetic media has been securely and irreversibly wiped clean of data. The addition of software and the SCAN-1XE voucher creates a meticulous record-keeping and verification system that satisfies the demands of data security protocols and regulatory compliance.