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The Garner TS-4XTE IRONCLAD is a high-end, powerful degaussing system equipped with verification and documentation capabilities, designed for organizations that need to ensure the complete and secure erasure of sensitive information from magnetic media. This system is particularly suitable for entities dealing with large volumes of data where the security of disposal and confirmation of data destruction is paramount.

Garner TS-4XTE Degausser:

  • High-Intensity Degaussing: The TS-4XTE generates a formidable 30,000 Gauss (3 Tesla) magnetic field, capable of erasing the highest coercivity magnetic media on the market, including longitudes, perpendicular hard drives, and high-coercivity tape media.
  • NSA/CSS Evaluated: The TS-4XTE is listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for Degaussers, assuring compliance with the highest standards for sanitizing classified and sensitive data.
  • Speed and Efficiency: This degausser is designed for speed, with a swift degaussing cycle that allows for the processing of large volumes of media in a short period.

IRONCLAD Erasure Verification System:

  • Verification and Reporting: The IRONCLAD system provides a complete erasure report for each degaussed drive, including essential details like the operator ID, witness ID, date, time, and the serial number of the media.
  • Photographic Evidence: It includes a camera to capture images of the media before and after degaussing, offering a visual proof that the degaussing process has been completed.
  • Barcode Scanning: A barcode scanner records the serial numbers of the degaussed media, ensuring accurate and reliable documentation for audit purposes.
  • Touchscreen Interface: The system features a user-friendly touchscreen interface that facilitates the operation of the verification process, making it easy for users to manage.

Key Benefits:

  • Secure Data Destruction: The TS-4XTE IRONCLAD system ensures that data is permanently destroyed, providing peace of mind for organizations that handle highly sensitive information.
  • Compliance with Regulations: With its comprehensive reporting, the system helps organizations comply with data security and privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and SOX.
  • Audit Trail: The detailed documentation and photographic evidence provided by the IRONCLAD system create a verifiable audit trail that can be critical during compliance reviews or legal scrutiny.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Degaussing is an environmentally responsible method of data destruction since the physical disk or tape can often be recycled following the erasure process.

The Garner TS-4XTE IRONCLAD is an excellent choice for government agencies, corporations, healthcare institutions, and any other organizations where it is critical to prevent data breaches by ensuring complete destruction of confidential and sensitive data. The inclusion of the IRONCLAD verification system makes it a comprehensive solution for secure data disposal and offers a high degree of accountability and compliance assurance.