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Minerva – Room Transmitter (PCB)


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Minerva – Room Transmitter (PCB)

Wherever monitoring transmitters have to be used in disguised operations, this micro transmitter is the perfect choice, as it has been especially designed for camouflaged operations. Therefore, and to reduce the size to its minimum, just the printed circuit board (PCB) is supplied. For each and every government department’s operation, this tiny little transmitter should be used for discrete observation of rooms. Because of its small size and unobtrusive pattern, it is a perfect tool to monitor rooms from inside a hidden place.

A film-size plastic cover protects the components against environmental influences. Powered by battery and equipped with a highly sensitive microphone, this transmitter can be placed into any object of daily use and picks up the sound from up to ten meters. The crystal controlled transmittance guarantees a totally stable frequency which only can be received by our special receivers like PKI 2220. Depending on surrounding conditions, a transmitting range of 800 to 1000 meters may be achieved.


  • Easy to disguise
  • Looks like installed standard parts
  • Smallest dimensions – easily hidden in products of daily use
  • UHF frequency around 427 MHz
  • Crystal controlled
  • 1-10 mW output power
  • Battery operated
  • Power supply 3-9 V DC