Protecting your image or that of your clients along with brand and reputation is an essential part of business success. Your intellectual property may be at risk from companies or indeed individuals who may wish to ignore your reputation and use your knowledge and trade-specific expertise and materials.

We liaise with national and international law enforcement agencies, obtain intelligence and information to provide our clients with the solid evidence and case file to take legal action.

From discovery of threats through remediation, security teams need a brand solution that enhances their team’s anti-fraud initiatives and protects their customers and reputation across all digital channels. Protecting your brand means preventing:

  • Attacks on your company: Threat actors exploit corporate brands to fool executives and employees into releasing sensitive information or downloading harmful malware that can exfiltrate data and intellectual property.
  • Attacks on your customers: Customers interacting with fraudulent assets associated with your brand and partners can be victims of theft of sensitive data through phishing and malware.
  • Revenue diversion: Online brand infringement diverts revenue away from your products and erodes consumer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty over time, leading to churn. Find unsanctioned use of your brand across all digital channels.