Through a single technical advisory manager, Minerva provides a portfolio of security testing, 24/7 security monitoring, incident response, and advisory services to defend against security breaches and threats.

  • Security Testing with Monthly Vulnerability Scanning.
  • Security Advisory with Routine Compliance Audits.
  • Security Road Mapping to Highlight Process Optimisations.
  • Firewall Management with Fault and Performance Management.

Stress Levels Predicted to Double for Individual CISO’s in 2022…|

CISO as a Service includes Incident Response, Security Testing, Incident Detection and Monitoring, and Security Advisory. As well as monthly vulnerability scanning and 6-monthly penetration testing of your networks, including public-facing services, web applications, servers, databases, and critical applications, to identify both internal and external threats.

The Challenge

Few enterprises can afford a dedicated security team directed by a Chief Information Security Officer.

Key Features

Firewall Management

Firewall Management

  • Complete Change Management
  • Policy Management
  • Fault, and Performance Management
  • and more
Expert Analysts & Industry Best Certifications

Expert Analysts & Industry Best Certifications

  • OSCP
  • GPEN
  • CEH and more
Executive Summaries

Executive Summaries

  • Jargon-Free, Executive-Level Summaries
  • Detailed Impact Analysis of Findings
  • Recommendations to Improve Security Posture
Powerful Technology

Powerful Technology

  • Incident Management & Analytics Dashboarding
  • SLA Management
  • Customer ITSM Integration API
Zero Complexity

Zero Complexity

  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Integration
  • Straightforward to Deploy
Global View


  • Enriched Threat Intelligence
  • All-encompassing World View
  • Access to Global SOC’s