Global operations require global resources. Do you have the support you need, when you need it?

Discreet and thorough investigations for corporate clients are a mainstay of SBI services. Whether your company is trying to determine the legitimacy of a business partner or uncover employee fraud, you need a reliable, objective third party to conduct investigations. SBI’s corporate investigations can be global, regional, or local; they can pursue a specific investigation from one location of interest to another. SBI and its investigators are skilled in fact-finding; SBI investigators are local, licensed, experienced professionals who you can count on to be thorough and discreet.

SBI can help your company:

  • Assess problems that have come to light, while maintaining discretion
  • Prevent litigation by identifying and assessing issues before they harm your operations
  • Assess internal issues such as fraud, employee theft, or other misconduct that can be costly to the bottom line and even more harmful to reputation
  • Obtain evidence for use in domestic or international legal proceedings

Corporate investigations can expose fraud, quantify loss, and identify the culprits; but a well-defined, well-done corporate investigation can also protect a company’s reputation. A company’s brand can be damaged irreparably without a timely, responsible investigation. Let SBI help you protect your company’s financial position, its operations, and its reputation.