When you make a new hire, you need to be sure you know who you’re getting. An executive background investigation can uncover issues you need to know about before you make an offer. Our executive background investigations will help you find out what risks you may face when you hire a new executive or Board member, so you can make recruiting decisions with your eyes open.

Minerva will get you the background information you need, including:

  • Civil Records: Have they been sued? Have they sued the people they work with? Are they litigious in general?
  • Criminal Records: Have they been charged or convicted of a criminal offense?
  • Financial history: Do they have any bankruptcy in their past? Any tax liens?
  • Confirmation of professional credentials: Do they have the proper Professional Licensing? (are the licenses active? Inactive?). Do they have the degrees they say they do?
  • Media presence: What does the press have to say about your prospective new executive or Board member? What kind of online presence do they have?
  • Reputation: What do others say about their management style and business acumen? It is often better to have a 3rd party conduct the reference interviews, to maintain your relationship with the candidate and to ensure objective input.

Executive background investigations can help you in so many ways: to confirm the candidate has the background he or she claims; to alert you to possible holes in the candidate’s background; or to find out if there are any red flags that should give you pause. Our trained investigators know how to comb through public records and other sources of information to find out what you need to know.

Minerva can furnish you the forms you need (Authorization Form / Disclosure Form) to start the process quickly and efficiently.

Minerva conducts executive background investigations in the US and around the world, so no matter where you are or where your potential new hire comes from, Minerva can help.

You can’t afford to make a hiring decision without all the facts. Call on Minerva for an executive background investigation that will help you make a confident decision.