Executive Protection is also known as Close Protection or bodyguard services. Our experienced executive protection professionals in the field of covert & overt security ensure that you are protected.

We will tailor the appropriate protection package for each client based on our analysis of the risk profile. Once this is complete we then formulate the plan based on the requirements for the operation accordingly. All facets of the client’s personal security are covered whether locally or internationally.

Our specialist operators identify potential threats, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance and around-the-clock protection.

The professionals at Arcangel Protection Services experienced in the field of covert security ensure that your personal security is done discreetly. Our aim is to enhance your current security arrangements to strengthen and support procedures already in place. Specialist operators are on constant alert, verifying potential threats and guaranteeing uninterrupted surveillance and around-the-clock protection.

When your personal or professional status dictate the need to adopt additional security measures, Minerva is your ideal partner that responds professionally and with the exact standards you are used to.

Do not take unnecessary risks, rely on our Close Protection Services that ensures the best protection to you, your family and your possessions.

Minerva Squad consists in teams of males and females, SIA licensed operatives coming from police or special forces background. They are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience and constant training, able to protect you ensuring that all procedures necessary for your safety are taken with maximum discretion and cordiality.


  • 24H Services
  • Continuous Personal Protection at Home, at Work, on Holiday, Anywhere and Anytime;
  • Coordination with the Permanent Forces and Security Services;
  • SIA UK Licensed Operatives;
  • PCO Licensed Chauffeur;
  • Professional multilingual,
  • For your Total and effective Protection, this Unit is also highly trained in Physical Intervention, Self-Defence and Firearms.