As a security professional, you’re charged with making attackers’ lives as exhausting as possible. While minimizing your attack surface is a surefire way to get them shaking their fists, if they want it badly enough, they’ll find a way in. To seal the victory, your organization needs to complement preventative efforts with incident response capabilities. That way, you can find attackers once they’re in, uncover exactly what they did and where they went, give them a swift, hard boot, and make sure they don’t have another way in.

Sadistic? Sure. Fun? A little. Easy? No way. But that’s why we’re here to bolster your defenses: Minerva Incident Response services give you access to the experience and technical expertise you need to accelerate your incident investigation, containment, and recovery. Our teams will work closely with your in-house and outsourced teams through every stage of incident response, from analysis and scoping through containment, remediation, and cleanup.

Experienced teams

Minerva’s expert incident responders have conducted hundreds of investigations and have decades of experience responding to compromises of all sizes and severity, from small-scale opportunistic threats to enterprise-wide breaches by sophisticated attackers. Our professionals complement their expertise in threat analysis, forensics, and malware analysis with knowledge of multiple, industry-leading technology platforms for rapid analysis and incident scoping.

Rapid and complete response

Through all phases of response, you’ll have a single point of contact who is ultimately responsible for coordinating, communicating, and reporting on every aspect of our incident response activity. Our incident response services include all aspects of threat detection, documentation, and collaboration to devise appropriate remediation activities.

Incident Response Services

Whatever your incident response needs, Minerva offers proactive and reactive services to give you the confidence to remain cool, calm, and collected while managing a potential crisis.

Compromise Assessment

From verifying compromise to validating remediation efforts, a Compromise Assessment can confirm your house is clean (or not). By applying threat intelligence and behavioral analytics with innovative hunting techniques, our experts assess your environment to identify malware and evidence of attacker activity and report on misconfigurations, significant risks, and potential vulnerabilities.

Breach Readiness Assessment

A Breach Readiness Assessment provides a full evaluation of your threat detection and incident response capabilities to show you how yours stacks up against best practices and identify steps to take your program to the next level. (We’ll even help you justify necessary investments to the powers that be.)

Threat Simulation: Tabletop Exercises (TTX)

Tabletop exercises simulate threats on-site to evaluate your detection and response capabilities in a controlled environment. We work with you to create and deliver a meaningful scenario, analyze the results, and provide a list of actionable improvements you can apply to your incident response program.

Incident Response Program Development

Attacks and attackers are constantly evolving. To ensure you’re always prepared, you need a plan—and you need to review it regularly. Our experts will evaluate your environment—from technology and assets to people, processes, and policy—to rate your current capabilities and offer relevant, business-based recommendations to help you meet (and exceed) your IR program goals. Need to build your program from the ground-up? We can help with that too. Our IR Program Development offering can be customized to help build or improve your aptitude in any facet of incident response.