Minerva provides manned guarding services for events, residential estates, businesses and industrial operations including factories, construction sites and mines. Each client and their requirements are unique, therefore Minerva will customise a solution specific to your needs.

Our Security Personnel manage and reduce your risk exposure, and are skilled in relevant physical security services such as access control, incident handling, risk management, emergency evacuation and first responder services (fires, first-aid etc.)

Our Guarding Services not only ensure the safety of your event, premises or business, but provide you with peace of mind that your premises and assets are in professional, capable hands.

Our priorities are to:

  • Correctly assess your risks and security requirements for your event, premises or operation
  • Create an unobtrusive but safe environment, ensuring the safety of your people, property and assets
  • Provide guidance and services in order to minimise your risk in all areas
  • Managagement of a skilled, professional security team according to your needs
  • Represent you and your organisation through emotional intelligence and soft-skills

We’ve provided Manned Guarding Services for the following:

  • Residential Estates
  • Sporting and Government events
  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Business Parks & Offices
  • Mining Operations
  • Industrial Factories & Warehouses
  • Construction & Development Sites

How do we do it?

After the initial briefing, Minerva conducts a risk assessment before putting together a Manned Guarding strategy and team to suit your needs. With a large team of highly-skilled, qualified and experienced Security Officers you are guaranteed the right people for the job.

Our priority is to first and foremost minimise your risk exposure, and creating a secure environment. We plan for potential threats and unwanted outcomes before they happen, and ensure that nothing will catch us off-guard.