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Putting Hanelly’s organizational charts to work.

Visualize your organization

Visualize your organization

Visualize organizational details including demographics, reporting relationships, talent profiles, cost, and more.

Org chart metricsOrg chart metrics

View basic org metrics directly in the org chart, and in the out-of- the-box dashboard.

organizational charts Engage the workforce

Engage the workforce

Increase employee engagement by enabling networking with peers, fostering skill sharing and education, and increasing organizational visibility.

organizational charts Show segregated data

Show segregated data

Segregate data by multiple criteria, and view complex reporting structures including matrix org charts and dotted-lines.

organizational charts Track status

Track status

Fully track employees’ statuses, positions, and costs against multiple metrics such as tenure and chain of command.

organizational charts Geographic view

Geographic view

Understand employees by location on an interactive map and see your workforce and the structure of the organization geographically.

Clear and accurate view of your organization.

As a business, understanding your organization is critical for the execution of strategic decision making. More than ever before, business leaders and HR professionals must ensure they have visibility into key analytics and metrics to inform those decisions. Often this information is stored in multiple spreadsheets or several systems that don’t talk to each other. This can cause errors, increase costs, and delay essential reporting to stakeholders.


Nakisa Hanelly is an out-of-the-box org chart and org design solution. Use Hanelly to create an org chart for a full picture of your organization, leveraging your current HCM platform to visualize your data. View data such as cost, layers and span of control, right there in the org chart. Drill down into the details of an individual, utilize multiple views and filter for the metrics you need to see.

Connect and empower a global workforce.

Part of being an international organization is dealing with a dispersed workforce and the related challenges. Colleagues that are spread out in multiple offices across many locations have to deal with additional road blocks to communication.

Access employee information, when and where it’s needed.

Hanelly org chart software allows you to visualize and better understand your organization. It enables leaders to easily share, discuss and analyze information with their teams, all within one system. In addition, a wide spread workforce can identify and communicate with their global colleagues within Hanelly.

organizational charts Access employee information
organizational charts - See your organization from multiple perspectives

See your organization from multiple perspectives.

In a world of matrix reporting, dotted lines, and informal organizational structures, getting a clear and timely picture of your organization can be a challenge. It gets even more complicated when there’s multiple audience groups, who need different views. This depends on what matters most to them, and on their permissions.

Tailor to your audience.

  1. HR Professionals
  2. Business Leaders
  3. Employees
organizational charts

Hanelly is designed to provide each view required by the different audiences in the organization in a simple way. With multiple views of the structure and dynamic filtering of data, human resources can create the exact view they need. Business leaders like the Chief Executives can also customize their view to fit their different requirements.

The importance of organizational design.

Organizations don’t always grow consistently, and structures lose efficiency over time. A company can have a clear mission, the right talent and effective leaders, but still not perform as expected. Poor organizational design results in confusion within

roles, lack of efficiency, unnecessary complexity and can result in loss of talent and an increase in cost.

What does Hanelly do?

Hanelly allows for the design of a better-aligned workforce that supports business strategy. Maintain lines of communication and create an environment that supports and nurtures your best talent throughout the design process.

Nakisa Hanelly organizational design

Solving business challenges with Hanelly

Visualize Global HR Data

Visualize Global HR Data

Understand a global view of a large organization within a single system, using advanced analytics and an out-of-the-box dashboard.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Understand and proactively manage your diversity and inclusion initiatives through understanding the current organization structure and planning where you want to be.

Workforce Realignment

Workforce Realignment

A huge undertaking with high ROI expectations. Stay informed during workforce realignment and track execution against strategy.

Reduction in Force

Reduction in Force

Maintain a clear picture of your organization with org designing to track resulting KPIs while planning a reduction in force.

Design and Model

Design and Model

Accelerate effective organization transformation to meet business objectives with organization design and modelling.

Stay Competitive

Stay Competitive

Continued analysis and organizational design during day-to-day business functions promotes efficiency and supports your strategy.



Nakisa Hanelly organizational design

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M&A, RIF and Reorg.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Reduction in Force (RIF), and any major Reorganization (reorg) activity are all critical to an organization’s growth strategy.

It’s essential to have full visibility of the current organization and org chart and align senior executives. This facilitates speed of integration and implementation of changes through detailed and tested planning of any proposed business model. Keeping an overall understanding of the business KPIs in mind throughout this process is critical.

A lack of planning or understanding in any of these situations can lead to serious problems. These include misaligned KPIs, rising costs, and lack of desired behavior; along with a very demotivated workforce. Get all these things right however, and the organizations future is strong.

Fine Tune Your M&A

Fine Tune Your M&A

Hanelly accelerates post-acquisition integration and mitigates talent risks by removing time consuming manual operations. This frees up human resources to focus on implementing the agreed and optimally design organizational structure.

Manage a Reduction in Force (RIF)

Manage a Reduction in Force (RIF)

During a RIF, it’s important to have a clear view of your current organization. This includes the ability to quickly and efficiently design, share and execute on the RIF strategy. Fast and effective transition is key to getting your workforce back on track.

Planning a Re-Org

Planning a Re-Org

Reorganization can be a challenge for everyone, but necessary for the business to grow. Use Hanelly’s side-by-side comparison, matrix structure and what-if scenarios to enable effective planning and deployment. Execute on plan with minimum disruption and maximum impact.

Speak the language of business leaders.

Communication between stakeholders and HR is critical. This communication often means producing charts, analytics, and reports on an almost daily basis. CHROs and Human Resource leaders require real-time and accurate reports. These reports should be provided in a way that supports organizational growth, provides proactive insights, and informs business critical decisions.

HR professionals need to be able to easily and quickly understand their hr data. They need to understand the detail of their people analytics, workforce metrics and employee data. Incorporating these insights into the decision making process sets the business up for success.

However, finding a solution that provides the required level of insight can prove to be a challenge.

Generate real-time analytics and reports.

With Hanelly you can automate and unify HR processes and data using:

  1. Prescriptive and predictive analytics
  2. Powerful out-of-the-box dashboards with dynamic filtering
  3. Engaging graphs and charts in multiple formats depending on need
  4. Digital sharing of custom and pre-configured reports
  5. HIgh level to in depth workforce analytics

Hanelly is designed to provide each view required by the different audiences in the organization in a simple way. With multiple views of the structure and dynamic filtering of data, HR leaders have the flexibility they need. The can create the exact view needed or hr report required in the moment that it is needed.

Nakisa Hanelly Hr Analytics
Nakisa Hanelly Hr Analytics

Measure the performance of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Understanding the make-up of the organization to protect against bias is a difficult task for any HR department. With high visibility and intense scrutiny, understanding how the organization performs in areas like diversity and inclusion can seem impossible at a global level.

The basic gathering of this information from multiple sources to analyze, plan, act, and report is difficult. In most cases its the result of many hours dedicated to the task. The consequence of failure for these initiatives can go from fiscally benign to extreme penalties and costly lawsuits.

On-demand diversity metrics for HR leaders.

Hanelly provides HR leaders with on-demand diversity metrics. This lets them better inform their stakeholders, measure the performance of their diversity and inclusion programs, and stay proactive with their initiatives.

organizational charts

Diversity in action: Using technology
to promote organizational equality

Data is key to assessing your diversity efforts. Learn how HR technology can revolutionize how you approach diversity in the workplace and move your organization forward.

Monitor, audit, and improve HCM data.

Businesses are evolving fast and need a crystal-clear understanding of their current state as they change. Organizational data, which includes employee data, contains indicators of performance, insight into trends, and warning signs of problems to come.

One challenge faced by most organizations is data accessibility. This is because information is maintained in multiple and inconsistent places like Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, Visio or even excel. This can cause inconsistencies in data quality through human error and incomplete information, making effective decision making a challenge.

How does Hanelly help?

hr analytic and reporting - Save time

Save time

Use mass-edit capabilities for rapid correction of workforce data and secure write-back to your HCM solution.

hr analytic and reporting - Audit data

Audit data

Quickly audit your data and identify errors to ensure accurate talent planning and HR reports.

hr analytic and reporting - Access analytics

Access analytics

Have access to advanced analytics including trends, turnover costs, and vulnerabilities, providing your company with valuable insights.

hr analytic and reporting - Monitor programs

Monitor programs

Keep track of diversity and inclusion programs, report on the demographic make-up of your organization, and view salary cross-sections.

hr analytic and reporting - Track progress

Track progress

Follow the progress of HR initiatives within the organizational structure and drill-down into data. Securely share results within the solution.

hr analytic and reporting - Quick Action

Quick Action

Act quickly on proposed changes using intelligent collaboration tools to design, model, and align with stakeholders.