Protective Surveillance is used in many different ways for many different reasons. We have provided a multitude of sophisticated systems at the request of either the client or Principal.

One system we employed at the beginning of April last year was that of providing Protection to a foreign family living in London. There was a very credible threat issued to the wealthy family and the main Principal spent all week out of the country on business.

His main concern was that his wife and children were protected while he was away from the family home. At the beginning of the task, we conducted an extensive search for any surveillance teams operating in the area. Once we were confident the area was sterile, we initiated the Protective Surveillance system. When the wife or chauffeur departed the property in their vehicles, our team would initially observe strategic positions where surveillance teams would set up ready for “THE FOLLOW”. We would then follow the wife or chauffeurs vehicles on a predesignated route to see if they were being followed.

This system was employed for the first week to determine there was no sign of any surveillance teams operating.