Secure Travel, Driver and Minder Services

Minerva’s Secure Drive & Minder services provide our clients with peace of mind during local and international travel. Customised to your needs, we will provide the logistical support, vehicles, experienced drivers and professional Close Protection personnel to ensure a safe experience both on and off the road.

Whether it’s for business, pleasure or any other interest your travel security will be managed and planned for by our experienced team. The appropriate vehicle, security driver and a trained Close Protection Officer / Minder will be assigned to you. Flexible and efficient, our team will ensure your safety on the road whilst allowing you to achieve your objectives as smoothly and with as little risk as possible.

Our security driver & minder solutions are flexible and scalable. We know that plans change rather suddenly, and we are able to facilitate travel arrangements within Africa for almost any situation. Whether you require travel security in one city for a few hours, or multi-day, cross-border travel security for a team we are able to help.

“Flexible and efficient, our team will ensure your safety on the road whilst allowing you to achieve your objectives smoothly and with as little risk as possible.”

Advance Route Planning & Logistics

While Minerva’s Route Planning is a standard requirement for any Close Protection detail, Minerva also provides this as a stand-alone service for clients or security organisations not requiring a complete Close Protection service. The objective of security route planning is to research and propose the safest and most effective way of getting a client from Point A to Point B.

Combining modern technology with up-to-date security intelligence on a specific area, our management team and Close Protection officers take into account a variety of factors when planning your travel. This includes client goals, environmental factors, forms of transport and human behaviour. Together, these factors present multiple challenges and risks that need to be effectively avoided or minimised.

Secure transportation and effective route planning is something that needs to be taken seriously, and if it is done poorly it can compromise your safety, security and efficiency, potentially jeopardising your trip and your life.

We pride ourselves on our forward-thinking approach to mitigating your travel risk and providing a reliable, efficient, secure travel route planning service to all of our clients.

Your Driver / Minder team’s responsibilities will include:

  • Providing, driving and maintaining a vehicle to suit your needs
  • Planning logistics and other aspects of your secure travel
  • Driving, escorting or shadowing you and your team along your journey
  • Traveller tracking and emergency response capabilities
  • Accommodating your daily travel requirements whilst keeping you safe and productive