The collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of strategic intelligence that is required for forming policy and plans at the national and international level and to qualities that equip leaders to be effective strategists is at the heart of the Minerva brand.

Minerva provides strategic intelligence services to support corporates and their legal and other external advisors. We work on African Continent and have particular expertise in all African countries

We investigate counterparties and stakeholders; uncover financial anomalies; reveal Politically Exposed Persons; analyse networks; and scrutinize management. We have high-level skills and knowledge in the fields of data analysis and reporting, forecasting and modelling, survey administration and design, statistics and much more. We provide services and information to assist members of organisation with decision-making and continuous quality improvement

Political Intelligence

Minerva helps our clients identify political risks and opportunities, prepare them to participate in the policymaking process and then help them actively engage. Politics and policymaking matter. They matter to all organisations both large and small, commercial or not for profit. In political processes that are constantly evolving both nationally and at EU level, keeping a close eye on policy threats and opportunities is essential. That is why our goal is to be trusted advisers to our clients, helping them contribute towards better policy outcomes. Getting your voice heard means being creative. Strategies need to be innovative and bespoke. After all, no two campaigns are the same.

We provide decision-makers with clarity and insight to enable them to take informed decisions in uncertain political, regulatory and commercial conditions.

  • Strategic advice on new market entry
  • Help in locating suitable local partners
  • Integrity due diligence on new commercial relationships
  • Guidance on global privatisation, tender or licensing processes
  • Cross-border M&A support
  • Identifying and implementing responses to legislation and government action
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Country risk mapping

Minerva provides cyberMinervaity and digital forensic services and technical consulting to organisations in southern Africa. Our service offerings are designed to strengthen an organisation’s security and compliance posture in cyberspace