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Soliton Systems is a leading information technology company, with primary focus in IT security software solutions and Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming.

Technology helps to keep people connected regardless of reason or location. People can take their jobs wherever they go and attend events everywhere, as they are broadcasted live through mobile devices. However, connecting people and organizations demands secure and reliable tools that are easy to manage. That is why Soliton develops original solutions (including software) shaping a secure and connected world today and in the future.

Network Access Security Solutions

Control the company network without working day and night

Focus on the fundamentals

A company’s network contains valuable data and resources. Make the network only accessible to the people and devices that are properly authenticated and authorized. Know what and who is connecting to your network.

NetAttest EPS

NetAttest EPS is a comprehensive all-in-one network access control solution. Everything that is needed to quickly setup certificate-based user- and device authentication is included in one single package (the necessary public key infrastructure, a RADIUS-server and a one-time password server). The NetAttest EPS allows organisations to tighten network security and easily create multiple network segments (VLANs), while at the same time providing seamless access to users. Upgrades WiFi-security to the rock-solid WPA2 Enterprise level and contains a MAC-address database for systems that are not able to provide certificates. Is available in hardware or as a virtual machine.


NetAttest EPS-ap / Soliton Key Manager

NetAttest EPS-ap is an add-on to NetAttest EPS and helps distribute certificates to external unmanaged systems, like personal devices or the devices of partners and contractors. The Soliton Key Manager app removes the need for Mobile Device Management and makes it easy and secure for users to install certificates on their systems.


Getting your network access control right


All-in-One NAC + Triple A

RADIUS, PKI and CA included. Completed with Authentication, Authorization and Accounting following the principles of IEEE802.1x. Quick and phased roll-out minimizing the impact of a NAC implementation. Straightforward management.


IEEE 802.1x

The standard for NAC. A unified approach in either making the network accessible to the user or not. Easily and inexpensively extended to other locations, low deployment cost and short implementation. Compatible with all networks, no vendor lock in.


Install and renew certificates in 3 steps

For BYOD automated onboarding is supported through the Soliton Key Manager. In only 3 steps users can securely download and install certificates on their devices, even unmanaged and private devices. Renewing certificates is done with a single click.


Easy NAC

And obviously Soliton offers a light-weight solution that provides the IT administrator clear visibility of which devices are connected to the network. An easy 3-step installation and configuration detecting and blocking devices that we do not know.

Remote Access Security Solutions

Uniquely simplified.


Remote Access Security Solutions

Take your business continuity to the next level with our ready to use remote access solutions. Every solution listed below is developed with these principles in mind:

  • Don’t compromise on security

  • Leave no traces of company data on any (un)managed device

  • Simplify access to company resources by employees

  • Remove IT Management complexity

SecureDesktop – Remote access service

Soliton SecureDesktop is a remote desktop access tool that enables employees to access their company-internal computers on the go. Users can access their Windows and Mac computers from any other Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device. Users will be able to control their remote computer and access all their applications, files, and data as usual, as if they are physically in the office.


MailZen – Mobile data security

MailZen is an app for iOS and Android devices employees can use to synchronize PIM data (email, calendar, contacts,…) and to access company resources like internal web applications or file shares. The app prevents corporate data being leaked or copied as the data is kept securely in an encrypted container. A central management portal applies strong security policies on the container app without any need for an MDM. Together with a Secure Gateway it enforces high data security on all company data without exposing any internal service to the internet.



In one integrated solution, G/On features two-factor authentication, data encryption, network protection, and application access and authorization. Compared to a “best of breed” approach where multiple, different products are pieced together, G/On makes it much simpler to implement, manage and control access to company data and applications. There is no need for VPN, G/On provides two-factor mutual device and user authentication If required, it can connect a user identity to a device.


SecureBrowser Pro

SecureBrowser Pro is a browser that can be used to securely access company internal web sites, without the risk of losing data. The SecureBrowser Pro connects to a SecureGateway inside the network, if required using two-factor authentication. DNS name resolving and single sign logon are performed by SecureGateway as well, making the remote browsing experience seamless. SecureBrowser cannot be used for Internet browsing, nor is it possible to use any other browser than SecureBrowser for internal browsing, so the two are completely separated from each other.

SecureFile is an option to SecureGateway that allows users to browse for, and open, locally installed files. The SecureBrowser cache is discarded after closing down and policies determine what sites users are able to reach.



WrappingBox is a Windows-based platform that allows remote working with locally installed applications, without the risk of data loss. WrappingBox connects to a SecureGateway inside the network, if required using two-factor authentication and includes the SecureBrowser Pro. WrappingBox is able to launch locally installed applications, like Microsoft Office(tm), to run in a protected mode, so they cannot access the local disks or network. Instead, all information that is saved or cached, is encrypted and stored inside WrappingBox so it can be used offline. After closing WrappingBox, users get the choice to either upload, keep or delete locally stored files.



FileZen is a secure file sharing platform that helps businesses overcome problems of sharing data between employees and customers. The dedicated secure appliance allows your business to retain complete control of your data, and transfers large files quickly and easily. FileZen allows sharing of a single files or a complete folder, using a simple web-based user interface.

Available in hardware and virtual machine.