CERBAIR, a French company with an International Mindset, protects sensitive sites and events from dangerous drone activity. Through in-house R&D centered on security and defense needs, we offer the ultimate in CUAS solutions at competitive prices. Our advanced radiofrequency (RF) technology is the foundation of our award-winning anti-drone systems, giving you the power to successfully detect, characterize and neutralize drone intrusions in real time. Take control of your airspace. Visit our website to find out more about our solutions and check out our Resources and Blog pages for more useful CUAV information.

Rogue Drone and Pilot Detection by Radio-Frequency Analysis

Unique features

The core technology of CERBAIR, HYDRA is a range of solutions for drone detection by RF analysis. Like the mythological serpent with several heads, HYDRA relies on an expandable number of sensors installed at the top of masts and working together thanks to our radio frequency signal processing algorithms.

  • Radio detection for drone and Remote Control
  • Drone type identification
  • Very low rate of false alarms
  • Passive solution: zero interference
  • Ease of installation: 20 min / 2 PAX
  • Modular, evolutive, and highly configurable

Our Models

HYDRA 50 is a detection solution designed to detect the mandatory electronic signatures for cooperative drones in:

  • France with INFODRONE protocole (drones above 800g)
  • Europe and USA: under development

Detection of drone and “Home” position

  • Accuracy: geolocation in 3D
  • Average detection range: 1km
  • Pilot identification for police units

Ergonomic UI

CERBAIR’s software processes all the information from sensors and alerts security operators of the presence and location of drones AND their pilots. The information is displayed in a simplified and very ergonomic User Interface (UI). To facilitate monitoring by operators and remote teams, the UI can also be installed on a rugged or semi-rugged laptop.

Ergonomic UI

Easy Integration

This user interface (UI) can be easily integrated into your existing security system via Hypervisor or VMS.

Easy Integration