The World’s Most Powerful Monitoring Software for Computers, Mobile Phones and Tablets

Know Everything That Happens on A Computer or Smartphone, No Matter Where You Are

  • Monitor all Android and iPhone digital and audio communications
  • Monitor everything that happens on a PC or Mac
  • More monitoring features than any other product
  • No Hassle Remote Installation Service
  • FREE Mobile Viewer App for Android and iPhone
  • Used for Parental Control and Employee Monitoring

MinervaSpy Works On All Devices

Spy On Android

The only Android spy app that captures all forms of messaging, records and intercepts all types of calls, is 100% hidden, logs keystrokes — and much more. With over 150 features it is the most powerful monitoring software for Android.

Spy On Computers

Spy on any computer with our powerful computer monitoring software. MinervaSpy is the best computer monitoring software because you can read popular IM chats and emails, record browser activity, monitor PC & Mac devices and more.

Spy On iPhone

Install MinervaSpy iPhone monitoring software to spy on iPhone messages, applications, phone calls and surroundings. With a unique call interception feature, MinervaSpy has more iPhone spy app features than the rest.

Some Of The Things You Can Do With MinervaSpy

Full Feature Set

  • Phone Call recording
  • Phone Call interception*
  • Spycall*
  • Environment recording
  • Facebook Call Recording*
  • Hangout Call Recording*
  • LINE Call Recording*
  • Skype Call Recording*
  • Viber Call Recording*
  • WhatsApp Call Recording*
  • SMS Keyword deletion*
  • RemCam
  • RemVid
  • Spoof SMS*
  • Call Notification Alert
  • Call logs
  • Facebook Call Logs*
  • LINE Call Logs*
  • Skype Call Logs*
  • Viber Call Logs*
  • WhatsApp Call Logs*
  • Address book
  • SMS messages
  • MMS
  • Facebook Messenger*
  • Hike Messenger*
  • Kik Messenger*
  • Instagram Direct Messages*
  • LINE Messages*
  • Skype Messages*
  • Viber Messages*
  • WhatsApp Messages*
  • Hangout Messages*
  • QQ Messages*
  • Telegram Messages*
  • Tinder Messages*
  • WeChat Message*
  • Browsing activity*
  • Browser bookmarks*
  • Network connections
  • Email*
  • Gmail
  • Application activity
  • Installed applications
  • Application Screenshots*
  • Keylogger
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Wallpaper images
  • Calendar
  • Location tracking
  • Easy to install
  • Visibility Option
  • Dashboard Alerts
  • SIM Changed Notification*
  • Send Remote Commands from Web
  • SMS Remote Commands*
  • Check Device Battery Status
  • Remotely uninstall the software*
  • Remotely deactivate the software
  • Remotely restart device*
  • Remotely change software features
  • Remote Upgrade
  • Renew Anytime
  • Run in Hidden Mode
  • Stop software from being uninstalled
  • Hide Rooting*
  • Automatic Remote Updates*
  • Free Updates


The portal is a powerful and intuitive interface that lets you view your MinervaSpy data using a web browser. It is a part of every MinervaSpy subscription.
  • Alerts Wizard
  • Remote Restart Device
  • Remotely Check Device Battery Status
  • SMS Remote Commands
  • Read MinervaSpy Portal Data Using Our Mobile App
  • Easy to Install
  • Online Remote Commands
  • Easy to Renew
  • Easy to Deactivate
  • Easy to Uninstall
  • Automatic Remote Updates
  • Online Remote Upgrades
  • Remotely Change Software Features