EndaceProbe: scalable, always-on Network Packet Recording

Network recording to 100Gbps and beyond that puts packets at your fingertips from all your tools and workflows.

EndaceProbe Always-on Network Packet Recording

Record Every Detail

Record weeks or months of rapidly searchable, accurate network history across your entire network.

Always on, continuous packet capture from 10Mbps to 100Gbps.

Resolve even the toughest security incidents or performance issues with confidence.

EndaceVision packet capture powered threat detection

Fits the way you work

Integrates with your existing tools.

One-click access to network history in all your favorite tools – SIEM, SOAR, IDS etc.

Rapid access to packets means fast, accurate, incident resolution.

An open Network Packet Recording platform

Rapid search returns results in seconds not hours.

Find “needle-in-the-haystack” packets-of-interest across months of distributed Network History in seconds, no matter where or when the incident occurred.

Search your entire network for evidence from a single pane-of-glass using InvestigationManager™.

Find packets of of interest fast with 100% packet capture

Scale As You Grow

Easily expand throughput, storage and hosting capacity without compromising performance.

Our modular, stackable EndaceFabric architecture lets you scale to any size and speed of network.

Connect a global estate of EndaceProbes for weeks or months of network history at 100GbE and beyond.

Connect EndaceProbes for deep recorded network history at 100GbE and beyond

Freedom to Choose

Deploy your chosen security or performance tools quickly without truck rolls or hardware upgrades.

Upgrade to an agile architecture that keeps pace with today’s rapidly evolving security threats and performance demands.

Host your chosen tools on the open EndaceProbe platform.

Deploy security or performance tools on an open network recording platform

EndaceFlow NetFlow Generation

Combine un-sampled NetFlow with full packets for unsurpassed visibility

Now the world’s best packet capture platform is also the world’s best NetFlow Generator. Host EndaceFlow on EndaceProbes to generate complete NetFlow data at full line rate.

Introducing the Powerful EndaceProbe 2100 G5 Series

Up to 40Gbps Recording at the Edge

Compact, rugged and purpose-built for Edge, Remote and Portable deployments.

The new 2100 G5 Series EndaceProbes dramatically increase packet capture performance and storage capacity for Edge deployments. Now with quadruple the hosting capacity for third-party network security and performance monitoring solutions.

EndaceProbe 2100 G5 Series network recorder